Thursday , March 23 2023

Passenger trainers "Respectless" shot a fatal accident


"I doubted if I should share this," writes Jeroen after the Twitter accident. "But maybe a little attention helps." Jeroen hopes his message will arrive at photographing and filming passenger trains. "I would have respected if the phones stay in the bag!"

ProRail's spokesman, Mercedes Grootscholten, agrees with him. "It was a terrible accident," she says. Like Jeroen, Grootscholten was also present at the incident. "First comes the police, then the incidents control people, ensures that the train traffic is restarted."

"Without respect"

But this has happened this time under the watchful eye of many filmmakers. "Jeroen saw that while working, he simply is not respectful." Did Jeroen have to say something about himself? This is a question that is now being asked very much on Twitter. Jeroen: "Unfortunately, we have something better to do in these cases …"

Therefore, Jeroen asks everyone to leave your phone in your pocket in this type of accident. Grootscholten: "Of course everyone is free to take your cell phone, we can not ban it, but the filming of the travelers does not show any respect for the victim and his close relatives."

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