Wednesday , September 28 2022

Surrogate mothers can return to IVF clinics next year


The rules are still so strict that homosexual couples are not yet eligible to have a child together. They often go abroad to fulfill their desire to have children. This is no longer necessary, according to a tour of the De Monitor research program.

MC Kinderwens of Leiderdorp and Nij Geertgen of Elsendorp start in 2019 with surrogacy for homosexual couples. Several clinics are still considering whether to offer IVF surrogacy for homosexual couples.

Children want

Dennis had to go to Canada with his partner Lody. Dennis: "Our relationship has been dominated by the desire of our children for five years, and finally we have succeeded in becoming a father with much help from others, a campaign of culture and a lot of patience."

Several people have the same problem. Yesterday he spoke to "More than he wanted", a gay and lesbian platform with the child's wish. "There were 150 people in the room, all of them interested in children and it would be much easier and finer than this trial in the Netherlands."

Strict conditions

The occupational group NVOG took up its position two years ago for IVF surrogacy under strict conditions to be possible for potential gay parents.

"Every year, we see that dozens of male couples are addressing doctors with this request, but so far this is not possible in the Netherlands and men are forced to go abroad," says gynecologist Annemiek Nap on behalf of the professional group.

Bureaucratic law

Clinics are particularly reluctant in the psychological and legal care that comes with this process. Doctors ask if the intended parents, surrogate mother and child are legally protected if something goes wrong during or after treatment.

For example, a surrogate mother can regret and does not want to give up the baby. From a legal point of view, this is possible because it gives birth to the child and is therefore the mother of the Dutch law.

Limit the risks

Two years ago, the State Committee recommended re-evaluating parents to include a specific surrogate scheme in Dutch law. This is to limit the risks for all involved.

One of the recommendations is to better guarantee the rights of potential parents and child. A surrogate surrogate mother has six weeks to apply for the dissolution of the maternity agreement through the court. He must have a good argument for that. It is a difficult issue that politicians have not yet decided.

No parental authority

Skye was born in August last year. In the same year, she was hospitalized with a RS virus, an infection in the lungs. "Our carrier had legal parents at that time, so we were not allowed to stay in the Skye hospital." After birth, the couple had a long legal way to secure Skye's custody.

"It is good for homosexual couples in clinics to become easier parents, but legislation needs to be adjusted as well," says Dennis. "Now, for example, if you have a surrogate mother or a self-carrier, the egg cell will not be found by the surrogate mother, but you can not make a public appeal that is punished."

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