Thursday , March 30 2023

Thirty cows perished at the third fire in the month at the farm NOW


Thirty cows were killed in a pilot fire at Werkhoven in Utrecht. It is for the third time this month that the fire breaks out on this farm.

That says a spokesman for the Utrecht Safety Region. At the same farm on the Hollendewagenweg, a pilot had fired a few weeks ago. The cows were also killed.

The 150-meter stall is completely incendiary and can no longer be saved, according to the spokesman. "Firefighters now only try to prevent the fire from hunting in the neighboring house."

The fire bureau received a fire notification at 4.00. Just before 5.00 it became clear that the ship and the cows could not be saved anymore.

The spokesman could not say anything about the cause of the fire. "We are now busy just to put the fire on."

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