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Yolanda has COPD: "Breath is the top sport" woman


COPD is caused by unhealthy air that constantly enters the lungs when it breathes, such as smoking and air pollution. One important reason for increasing the number of people with COPD over the coming period is that the harmful effects of smoking often reveal only after years.

Yolanda has known for 12 years that he has COPD. There is never a day without COPD. I worked a lot, I had a very good job. I lost that. I can not do this anymore. Just breathing is already a top sport for me. "

Getting out of bed is also a great job for Yolanda: "Making a shower is still possible, but drying brings me an incredible amount of energy." Maybe just go a little with the dog when Yolanda stops every 20 yards: "I'm full all day Shopping is a temptation If someone has a perfume they can hardly breathe They can also be very stuck with the smell of balsam You have the smell of smell in someone's clothes for a long time.

Other homework, such as the suction of his house, is a hussar job for Yolanda: "I do this in three parts. First the front room, then the breathing and then the back room." Then pause again and then the kitchen.

"My sister is jealous because I have a baby"


Yolanda was a real laborer: "I liked the job as a team leader at a housing corporation. She worked for sixty hours a week. Even when I took my own business – I advised cooperatives on how to treat people who have arrears to prevent evacuation – we worked for long days. Sometimes I was so anxious that I had to put my car on the roadside on the way to a customer.


"Because I had pneumonia so often and a cough, a colleague recommended me to go to a doctor where she was determined to emphysema (a pulmonary disease that falls under COPD, ed.). went until my lung doctor said he had to rehabilitate and even afterwards, when my client said I should go back home, I thought: I stay at home for six weeks and then go back to work "It is not the case, I only have a 33% lung capacity, and I accept that I can not work anymore, I find it very difficult, I'm still working on it."


Now he is much more familiar about the development of emphysema. That, for example, you already build a certain intolerance in your youth. In my case, this is easy to understand with a teacher who smoked in front of the class and the parents who were so happy to release themselves also in the car during long journeys. I also smoked. I went on for a long time. I have stopped using this dirty habit for six years.

"Do not carry if you wear sweaters so tight"


"A pulmonologist recently told me," People who suffer from a disease as serious as you, half of them will not survive in five years, "which of course does not mean I hear. I still hope that a pulmonary reduction operation is possible, through which the affected part of the lungs is closed or a lung transplant. "

"I still have plenty of plans for the future, and I started with a vegetable garden where I, with the help of a nutshell, grow medicinal plants that make creams and oil, which gives me a lot of satisfaction, and in the future I would like to become a physicist."

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