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Article: Commodore comes in diesel


Price: 48 990
Motor: Four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo diesel, maximum power 125kW @ 3750rpm, maximum torque 400Nm @ 1750rpm
Transmission: Automatic with eight speeds
Brakes and stability systems: Front and rear disc brakes, ABS, EBFD, TC, ESP
Safety: ANCAP five stars
Wheels and tires: Alloy wheels, 225 / 55R17
Fuel and economy: 5.6 liters per 100 km, fuel capacity 75 liters
emissions: 148g of CO2 per kilometer
dimensions: Length 4897mm, width 1863mm, height 1455mm, weight 1570kg

General presentation


What's new?
The launch of this year's ZB Holden Commodore series has brought many awards: coming from Europe rather than from Australia, this is the first Commodore that has traction on the front, the first in the form of liftback and the first to be offered in diesel disguise.

These attributes come together in the test car, a Commando LT 2.0D Liftback of $ 48,990. It's the second step on the Commodore specification scale, just from the LT version at the $ 45,990 gasoline entry.

Choose the gasoline version and drive a 191 kW / 350 Nm car that prefers a 95-liter gasoline diet and will manage a return of standard fuel consumption of 7.4 l / 100 km. The diesel, meanwhile, has a capacity of 125 kW and 400 Nm and is significantly more economical, with a fuel consumption standard of 5.6 l / 100 km.

How about looking?
Since LT is the Commodore core specification, the test machine missed the bling exterior sported by other variants. However, the Ridbackback Commodore's overall look is quite attractive, especially from front angles, and even on LT, on 17-inch alloys and sports lights and LEDLED LEDs.

How's it inside?
The cloth cab is the simplest of the ZB Commodore interiors, but it is still a pleasant place for the driver and passengers. It is also spacious, with the main space sacrifice, compared to the old Aussie world model, with a width of 36 mm. The capacity of the luggage compartment is 490 liters, which extends to 1450 liters when the back of the rear seats is bent. If this is not enough, there is a more sporty LTdiesel available for another $ 1,000.

What's the standard?
Touch the keyless and button-on switch, the two-zone climate, the power-adjustable driver's seat, the lights and wipers, the cruise control with limited speed and the seven-speaker sound system. There is also a 7-inch touchscreen center and Bluetooth seamless connectivity as well as the integration of Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto with smartphones. The safety package includes self-sustaining emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, alert stripe assistance, forward collision alert and advanced parking assistance.

How about driving?
The impressive drop down mouse and overall engine flexibility combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission to make effortless performance, the defining feature of diesel. Combine with a comfortable ride and a loud noise of road and wind noise, plus a potential range of over 1,200 kilometers, and the extensive highway is an obvious force.

The engine can be puzzled around the city when it is ride vigorously on the back roads. The other Commodore variants offer more accentuated and more incisive handling, but LT Diesel is still well maneuverable and reasonably agile by twisting and twisting.
What is our verdict?

Commodore LT is specifically targeted at fleet customers. It's not a problem for a private gasoline buyer, for which a better-equipped RS is an obvious step on the scale. But diesel fans only have LT to choose from.

While it makes commercial sense, Holden's decision to limit the Commodore diesel engine in this way is also a missed opportunity.

– Review and photos by David Thomson

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