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GameStop's Black Friday offers on Xbox One and PS4 begins on Sunday, November 18th



GameStop / Screenshot by CNET

The sale of the Black Friday hunt was revealed and … it's quite overwhelming. The retailer of games actually offers the same starting base of $ 199 PS4 and Xbox One deals like any other big store under the sun. But the GameStop calendar is significant: its sales prices start on Sunday, November 18th. That's three days before Walmart (Wednesday, November 21) and four days before most other retailers.

The highlights are below. Note that:

  • Selling prices do not start until Sunday, November 18th and are valid until Monday, November 26, while consumption lasts.
  • CNET may obtain a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the products listed below.

PlayStation 4

As we have shown above, GameStop offers the same (great) 1TB PS4 + Spider-Man package for 199 USD to stay widely available elsewhere. But since it's the first time on GameStop, sure, it could also take it.

GameStop also offers PSVR Package for $ 249 ($ 100 Off): PSVR helmet, two Mute controls, PlayStation, Creed: Rise to Glory and Super hot. Again, it is widely available almost everywhere, but GameStop will take it first.

See GameStop

In terms of titles, it's a pretty nice selection of PS4 games at good prices – but you might want to check prices according to the frequency of digital sales at the Sony online store. Some notable recommendations (all PS4 exclusive):

Xbox One


GameStop / Screenshot by CNET

The Xbox story is the same. GameStop offers the same thing 1TB Xbox One Minecraft Package for 199 USD which is available to almost any other retailer. But you will find first here.

As for GameStop's Xbox One games, they appear to be far less appealing than their PS4 equivalents, for this reason: All 4 titles highlighted in GameStop – PUBG, Sea of ​​Thieves, Forza Horizon 4 and Disintegration status 2 – are available on the "all you can eat" service, the Xbox Game Pass game, which Microsoft offers to new users with a sum of $ 1 per month (to begin) between now and the end of the year. If you have a fast internet connection, this is the way to go. At least, start with this to try and then pay the full price if you really love a title.

In the meantime, avoid the $ 70 Xbox promotion for other Xbox One consoles. You can get it step-up Xbox One X for $ 100 off to many other retailers later in the week.

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"30 percent off everything you can do in the 5" bag.

Strangely, the Nintendo Switch is completely absent from the GameStop ad, so we want to make sure you know you can buy Change it with Mario Kart 8 included in the package at no extra charge to many other retailers later in the Black Week.

bag bf

Yes indeed.

GameStop / Screenshot by CNET

Instead, GameStop offers a oddball promotion: you can get 30% of any "stuff" (with many warnings) that you can fit in a tote bag. Oh, and you have to spend $ 5 on the boot bag. Personally, I do not find it fun – but you do.

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