Monday , October 25 2021

Legislation on oil and gas creates a great deal of uncertainty


Workers and communities were again ignored
The government that is rushing through a law change is over tonight
new offshore oil and gas exploration permits, he says
Petroleum Exploration and Production Association
Zeeland (PEPANZ).

"Those most affected by this
the decision has not been heard and is now truly confronted
uncertainty, "said PEPANZ CEO Cameron Madgwick.

Government's own counselors say this decision will cost
Cribs of billions of dollars and will grow more than likely
emissions, but the human cost is the highest

"Thousands of New Zealand workers work in
industry and nearly 400,000 homes and businesses rely on
natural gas and LPG, which now has a very uncertainty
"Experts have warned that this move will increase the cost
of electricity for the new Zealanders, but this has been ignored.
This is not good news for households struggling with
increasing the cost of living.

"We need natural gas like a
transitions to a low-carbon economy. Turning off
the tap when we have nothing concrete to replace it is
dangerous and irresponsible.

"Thousands of people have
have voiced their concern through "the voices of energy"
campaign and now we'll talk to them about the road

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Seasonally adjusted unemployment fell to 3.9% in the 2018 quarter, shows NZ statistics.

It is down from 4.4 percent in the last quarter and is the lowest unemployment rate since the quarter in June 2008, when it was 3.8 percent.

The fall in the unemployment rate in the last quarter reflected a decrease in the number of unemployed (down 13 000) and a strong increase in employment (up 29 000). The occupancy rate of this quarter increased to 68.3%, the highest rate since the beginning of the series 30 years ago. More >>

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