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Spyro Reignited Review Trilogy – Nostalgia Reignited


The first game we've ever played on PlayStation 1 was a pure purple dragon called Spyro and was developed by a small studio called Insomniac. Not only was the little protagonist of the game in love, but the game contained one of the first open 3D worlds in games that exploded my little brain. I remember being lost in Spyro's world for hours, my parents having to shoot me and my younger brother in the console, kicking and screaming.

Renewed Trilogy by Spyro

Toys for Bob, the boys behind the living toys Skylanders series, have taken the passion for the franchise and have used it to recreate hard the original game from the beginning. And nostalgia is the "in" thing nowadays, with many franchises of the '80s and' 90s, which made a comeback, there was no better time for the purple dragon to return our life.

Renewed Trilogy by Spyro consists of the remasters of the first three Spyro games, Spyro The Dragon. Spyro 2: Rage & Rage and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Fortunately, Toys for Bob did not just shimmer on a new paint layer during the remasterization process, but actually had to rebuild the assets and levels from scratch, with great care to ensure that each item remained faithful originals. The world looks vibrant. Spyro is just as lovable as I remember. And running around the breath of fire is just as fun. The developer should be praised for having obviously so much love and care in these games.

Renewed Trilogy by Spyro

Each of these three games sees Spyro on a journey to save his world and defeat an evil enemy. First game Spyro The Dragon sees little Spyro who travels in five different areas to save his dragon friends from a spell cast by the villain Gnasty Gnorc, turning them all into crystals. Into the Spyro 2: Rage & Rage Spyro's holiday plans are bought until stop, as a Warlock called Ripto invades his kingdom. Of course, Spyro must stop him again. Finally, Spyro: Year of the Dragon has Spyro taking a sorceress evil who stole dragon eggs in an attempt, guess it, take over the kingdom. Do not expect a deep story from these games as they arrive at a time when collecting coins and precious stones and jumping on the heads of enemies were more important than an exciting narrative. It was just about having fun and getting lost in an imaginative world.

During his adventures, Spyro will clean up the environment in which he will hunt collections and precious stones, and will use his charging and flaming skills to take down various patrons and, of course, inventive leaders. As expected, each of the games tends to rely on the previous one, each with a new mechanic or feature for the previous game formula. While the first game sets out the main Spyro gameplay mechanisms, the second adds the ability to buy more abilities such as swimming, and the third allows players to play as some of Spyro's friends, each with their own unique move sets.

Renewed Trilogy by Spyro

There is no doubt that the games look superb.

Now, while Renewed Trilogy by Spyro looks amazing the sport of her new layer of HD visual effects and brilliant particle effects, I noticed that I occasionally made strange motions. After some research, we found that this was due to the blurring effect of the movement in certain parts of the game. It did not prevent me from enjoying the game, but it is important to observe this. Fortunately, Toys for Bob will patch the ability to turn off the blur or at least to tonify it at some point.

After I said that, The Renewed Trilogy by Spyro the games look like something Pixar would have come to. Each character comes up with the personality and even the old dragons that Spyro saves in the first game received their own distinct personality, devoid of originality. There is no doubt that the games look superb.

Renewed Trilogy by Spyro

Generally, I have to say that not only did I have a lot of fun in the rabbit hole of nostalgia, being reminded of how big these games are back on PlayStation 1, but I was always amazed at how much love came Renewed Trilogy by Spyro.

Toys for Bob have done a great job of staying true to Insomniac's original vision and updating them enough to meet these already great games. While many classics tend not to stay well, especially after nearly 20 years, Spyro Reignited Trilogy proves that great game design and attention to detail never aging.

Whether you want to experience the nostalgic feeling of playing as one of the most famous PlayStation heroes or just want to immerse your toes in Spyro's wonderful world for the first time, you can not go wrong to give this a chance to adorable purple dragon.


Renewed Trilogy by Spyro

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