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Toyota launches the new Corolla 2020


Toyota will pull the baton from the new Corolla during a webcast at 19:00 PST on Thursday.

Earlier this month, Toyota's top US executive confirmed that the car maker is considering ways to withdraw its passenger car as the market continues to move on SUVs – but you will not see that Corolla will leave soon, this new teaser image suggests.

Toyota does not say too much beyond the fact that "the most popular car in the world is about to become bigger than ever," with the Japanese car that revealed the 12th– Corolla generation sedan version during webcast webcast Thursday, November 15, at 19:00 Pacific Time.

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Toyota has to rebuild the noise for the compact Corolla, which has remained in the form of a sedan since 2014. Sales fell by 11.6% in the calendar year and 14.2% only in October – and that despite the addition of the sedan version known with a hatchback model last year.

Here's a look similar to the Toyota Corolla Hatchback from 2019.

(Toyota's CEO says the range of cars can be reduced backwards. click here for the story.)

While there is not much to do with Toyota Corolla 2020, the teaser image – which we've improved slightly with Photoshop – shows some major changes, starting with the larger, honeycomb grid. Surprisingly, the sedan grille has a more trapezoidal shape than the recently-added hatchback, more in line with what we have seen with recent Camry and Avalon sedans.

LED headlamps and LEDs are, however, almost straight from Corolla five-door lifts. We wait for the backlight to go all the LEDs and get up on the five-door tactile.

The general shape of the Corolla 2020 sedan should also be more leaning, building again in the direction Toyota has with other recent model updates.

The exterior changes will be wrapped around a completely new platform. With the Gen-12 Corolla, the model moves to the Toyota New Global Architecture or TNGA, a platform shared with a variety of other models, including the newest Camry as well as the Prius.

With regard to the propulsion system, we expect to see the sedan adopt the 2.0-liter inline-four-liter gas engine with a power of 168 hp, rather than some 132-140 hp anemia the current sedan. In this case, the couple could reach around 151 pounds, as did the 5-door. The current, 1.8-liter I-4 makes only 128 lb-ft.

(Toyota's earnings increased despite weak US sales) click here for the latest news.)

The current Corolla was around, with relatively few major changes, starting with the 2014 model.

The success of the 12th– The Corolla generation is clearly critical to Toyota. It has traditionally been the second-best-selling sedan in the US automotive range, but is the number one in the world. But the impetus was moved to the global SUV line, forcing Toyota to rethink its strategy.

"We look at all the segments we compete to make sure we face profitable segments and that the products we sell have a strategic value for the brand," said Jim Lentz last week's Wall Street Journal.

(It's official. click here to find out when and where Toyota Supra will be reborn.)

Do not expect Toyota to follow Ford's leadership, which is giving up its entire range of US cars, except the Mustang. Lentz said that such a move for Toyota would be a "mistake," but it is quite clear that it will cut its range, most likely starting with the Yaris compact that suffered a 38.2% decline in the US in the top 10 month of this year, and in October it was over 51.4% more worrying.

Another possible goal could be one of the members of the Prius family. "Not many years ago, Prius was the best-selling California identification plate, but while it's the number one nationwide among hybrid-electric vehicles, it's lost fast, despite having four Prius models, including the compact C, the original hatch, the larger version V and the Prius Prime version, sales for the hybrid family dropped 17.7% in the first 10 months and 21.4%, and we could see that Toyota dropped at least one of four versions that go ahead.

Following a satellite satellite review Thursday evening, Corolla will make its first appearance in the United States in the metal sheet at the Los Angeles Auto Show this month.

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