Monday , March 1 2021

Attack on the US Congress:

This is the opinion of Dagens Nyheter’s editor-in-chief, Peter Woladarski.

The “Presidential Medal of Freedom” is one of the highest awards in the United States, along with the “Gold Medal of Congress.”

The award is given by the President of the United States and has been given since 1963. Major personalities such as Elvis Presley, Neil Armstrong and Martin Luther King jr. there are only a few of those who received the award.

Sports profiles such as basketball player Michael Jordan and golfer Tiger Woods also received the medal.

Another golfer, the Swede Annika Sörenstam, is the last athlete in the series to receive the medal.

Along with Gary Player, who has won the PGA Tour 24 times, they both received the award at a White House ceremony on Thursday this week.

It happened just one day after the chaos in the US Congress.

TOGETHER ON THE GOLF COURSE: Annika Sörenstam with Donald Trump in 2001. Photo: Taylor Jones / REX / NTB
TOGETHER ON THE GULF COURSE: Annika Sörenstam with Donald Trump in 2001. Photo: Taylor Jones / REX / NTB
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– Throw away the medal

The fact that Sörenstam receives such an award from Trump provokes strong reactions.

Christine Brennan in the USA TODAY is very critical of the fact that Sörenstam and Player receive such an award from a man who only a few hours earlier was involved in creating chaos in the USA.

Brennan believes their reputation will be destroyed forever:

– As representatives of their game and as businessmen who benefit greatly from it, their reputation is destroyed forever. Sorenstam and Player will now be linked to Trump at this terrible time in the nation’s history, forever, writes Brennan.

Dagens Nyheter’s editor-in-chief, Peter Woladarski, also reacted strongly. Woladarski writes on Twitter that Sörenstam should throw the medal.

– Receives a medal from a president who called for a violent attack on the US Congress, the democratic heart of the country. Isn’t Annika Sörenstam ashamed? Throw the medal, Woladarski race.

The medal is awarded to individuals who have contributed to America’s security, national interests, world peace, or other important or private cultural or public efforts.

One of the best in the world

Sörenstam is considered one of the best golfers in history in the world. The Swede has won up to 74 tournaments in the LPGA tour and rises by 10 wins in major tournaments.

It was also ranked No. 1 in the world. Sörenstam resigned in 2008.

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