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Be on the bridge when the frigate collided – "We confirm that there was an American exchange officer aboard KNM Helge Ingstad


Only two weeks have passed since KNM Helge Ingstad clashed with TS Sola oil tanker Thursday, November 8, 2018.

The Americans on the bridge when KNM Helge Ingstad collided

An American officer stood on the KNM fence "Helge Ingstad" when he collided with the Sola tank.

It was previously known that the Americans served the frigate as part of an exchange program, but Bergens Tidende now confirms that he was about to fall. Norwegian police questioned the officer, according to the newspaper.

BT also writes that the officer "was involved in a training on the bridge".

"We questioned the entire crew that was on board when a collision occurred and now investigates the course of events," says Frode Karlsen, head of the Western District Division.

Did the American have anything to do with the clash?

– I'll get into the details. The investigation will clarify this, "says Karlsen.

For Dagbladet, Maritime Press and Information Officers Thomas Gjesdal said:

"We confirm that there was a US exchange officer on board KNM" Helge Ingstad "as part of an exchange program between the US and Norway. The exchange program was designed to share experiences and provide the basis for good cooperation between the two recreational ports.

Gjesdal says:

«KNM US Staff Officer Helge Ingstad had training and did not take any independent role»
Thomas Gjesdal, Marina

– In the event of events or situations involving such personnel, it is the duty, under current agreements, to inform the authorities of the military authorities about the incident and to ensure that these authorities come into contact with the national authorities concerned. Accordingly, US military authorities were informed of the incident and contacted the affected Norwegian authorities.

"The KNM US exchange officer, Helge Ingstad, was trained and did not take any independent role," Gjesdal said.

Detailed planning and preparation for the lifting of the ship are in progress. This is Gulliver crowned. Photo by Paul S. Amundsen / NTB scanpix

Detailed planning and preparation for the lifting of the ship are in progress. This is Gulliver crowned. Photo by Paul S. Amundsen / NTB scanpix
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Night through Wednesday

The night was calm, according to Thomas Gjesdal, Navy Press and Information Officer.

– We continuously monitor ship movements and evaluate continuous maintenance and additional safety. Rambiz's cat is now reaching Hanøytangen, he says.

Sub-Subpart MS Risøy diving tank arrives today at the accident hub and begins preparations for fuel tank discharges, known as KNM "Helge Ingstad" Emergency Solution.

– This is a new phase in the ship's storage activity. The emergency solution is to reduce the risk of emissions in connection with the next operating phase that will pick up the ship on a submersible boat and continue shipping to Haakonsvern, "says Gjesdal.

Armed forces are responsible for the relief of emergency situations, while the Norwegian coastal administration oversees the operation – as well as the ongoing oil spill action.

– It's too early to say anything about how long the emergency operation takes. It's a critical phase of the operation. Armed forces carry out necessary risk assessments while the Norwegian coastal administration reinforces oil leakage capacity to limit any environmental consequences in these assessments. In addition, monitoring of the area is enhanced, he says.

KNM "Helge Ingstad" had 460 cubic meters of marine diesel on board at the time of the accident.

Make the ship farther

Yesterday, Tuesday, November 20, the armed forces are working to ensure the ship's reinforcement.

– The ship's movements have decreased over the same period. BOA, along with defense materials, backed by DNV GL, prepared a plan to lift KNM Helge Ingstad, says Gjesdal.

Detailed planning and preparation for the lifting of the ship are in progress.

Thomas Gjesdal, news and information officer in the Navy. Photo: Armed Forces

Thomas Gjesdal, news and information officer in the Navy. Photo: Armed Forces
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– Loftekrana Gulliver arrived at Hanøytangen, and Rambiz is on his way. At the same time, the maneuvering and equipping of the levers already in Hanøytangen are underway. This is a complex maritime operation and there are several uncertainties that can affect the program, including weather conditions, ship stability and pollution risk, "says Gjesdal.

To ensure all phases of the operation, risk analyzes will be performed for all identified hazards.

– In addition, he will actively use third party control for calculations, physical works, operational plans and the entire lifting and transport plan, he says.

Demand for work

On Monday, November 19, a quiet night was reported, and the ship was further treated, and in the future it will work on clarification.

"There is a pretentious work to be done in the direction of the KNM" Helge Ingstad ". We need to focus on this activity," said Torill Herland, Commander Commander and Navy Communications Director.

In consultation with the Navy, Defense Materials, Coastal Administration and BOA, there will no longer be access to information on board the ships or barges involved at this time, informing Herland.

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