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Black became the new white in the World Cup: "I'm negligent



LONDON (VG) Halfway through the world championship match between Magnus Carlsen (27) and Fabiano Caruana (26), he can start banging Alf Prøysen's "In Bakvendtland".


Because it all works well. In London, the party party was the best, although it is usually the case where white plays offer a golf advantage.

"Hehe, yes, the black did well in this match," says Fabiano Caruana when VG says.

"But now, at the last party, I think there are a number of coincidences that have made me push a lot in black.

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Magnus Carlsen miraculously saved when attacking white at the sixth party. All parties to this end ended with remission.

"It's good that I'm worried about the white parts. It feels like you're going to do more with white." With black tracks I probably would have played more cautiously at the beginning of this party, "Carlsen said at VG's questions after the sixth party.

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The man behind the carved place, Tarjei J. Svensen, tells VG:

"It is very special that Black was good at party party." I noticed that the players themselves are struggling to explain why it is. "I can not give a good explanation, all I can imagine is that it helps if you really have a willing to try to win in black. Both have both.

At the same time, Svensen comes with interesting statistics from previous encounters between Carlsen and Caruana:

"Not only in this game black has created winning chances. Out of the 15 parties that made a decision, seven of them gave a victory to the black.

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This is how it was the World Cup:

Lot 1:

Fabiano Caruana had white tracks, but he was smart to lose this batch. Carlsen pushed hard on black, but failed to get a knockout, as he later expressed.

Number of moves: 115.

Lot 2:

Carlsen had white parts, but Caruana was pretty easy to defend with black. The American has never been in danger of losing. White never put pressure on the black.

Number of moves: 49.

Lot 3:

Carlsen had blacks and he suddenly realized that he was the one who won a playoff advantage. Another party where the black player impressed the most – after Caruana had a good opening with white.

Number of moves: 49.

Lot 4:

Again, the man escaped with black, this time Caruana, to get into trouble. But at, Carlsen's ex-mate, Sam Shankland, asked whether the Norwegian should have played harder with the white.

Number of movements: 34.

Lot 5:

Carlsen with black had to think early about Caruana's good preparations with white, but as soon as he got out of trouble, the Norwegian with black just saw a little and left a farmer.

Number of movements: 34.

Lot 6:

Carlsen and White entered a fierce battle and saved half a point with a danger. "Like Caruana was lucky to get rid of al-hacked in game one, Carlsen and the White can rejoice to survive that," Sam Shankland wrote at

Number of moves: 80.

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