Wednesday , May 31 2023

Black PS5 with PS2 theme launches tonight – how to order


If you like a black PS5, we can inform you that a customized PlayStation 5 version with PS2 theme can be purchased today from SUP3R5 (January 8).

SUP3R5 has announced that you can order the cars from 21:00 tonight, so if you are interested, you should set an alarm so that you can be ready in the same second that the cars become available. Consoles can be shipped worldwide (including Norway), but the manufacturer reserves the right to refuse to send parcels to certain parts of the world if the postal service proves to be problematic.

The car with the impressive retro look is not officially linked to Sony in any way, which is not surprising, but the result is nothing to say. Look here.

The custom console with suitable DualSense controllers will be released in the spring of 2021 (or “late spring”, as the manufacturer says), and the creators aimed to emulate the expression of the iconic PS2, which is still 20 years after its launch. sold PlayStation console of all time, with 155 units sold worldwide.

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