Wednesday , May 31 2023

Cars fire in drabantby Oslo – NRK Norway – Overview of different parts of the country


The police have sent more patrols and are now exploring Oslo's highways. They broke out when they were notified of a firefight at the Roma underground station in Rome.

Four vehicles burned

"Police say in 07.45 that they saw smoke and flames in the neighborhood. All emergency services will then be sent to your site. This is related to a rocket to the place.

It turned out that there was a total fire in four vehicles, three cars and a small truck. These are divorced cars, so now we are working to investigate the ownership of such cars, "says head of police chief Krohn Engeseth.

Conversation with witnesses

The area where cars were burned was a parking lot for building workers.

"We are currently working on polling testimonies and video surveillance," says Krohn Engeseth, Operations Manager at NRK.

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