Tuesday , May 30 2023

Experience Bob Dylan at Møhlenpris


Here are four beautiful things you can do this weekend.

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THEATER CRITICS: Theatrical live magazine

What the: BT invites the theatrical critique of "Heritage and Environment" live

in case of: National scene

when: Thursday 18.30

Why: What happens when you take one of the most controversial books for many years and make it a theater? Will it be a good piece of theater? These questions and three other critics will be discussed on Thursday when they meet for theatrical criticism on the national stage.

Culture editor Frode Bjerkestrand will lead the conversation between Charlotte Myrbråten (theater critic in BT), Gro Jørstad Nilsen (literary critic in BT) and Lillian Bikset (theater critic in Dagbladet).

Commentary: Discomfort in literature

The book of the song is based on Vigdis Hjorth's "Heritage and Environment", sparked debate when it came out. In her book she writes about bitter heroism and incest. The book was read in the history of Hjorth's family, and not long after, sister Helga Hjorth came up with what was called counter-roman.

When DNS takes over now, it is based only on Vigdis Hjorth's novel. Actor Kjersti Elvik, who starred in Bergljot's main character, recently told BT that "We in the Heritage and Environment we choose to believe that Bergljot. What are the critics thinking about it? heard.

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Guro H. Bergesen

KONSERT: Check out what's going on in the garage

What the: Concert with Romskip and The Hiveminds

in case of: Statsraaden

when: Friday 21.30

Why: In the mid-60s, adolescents started to start all over the United States. Often, they practiced at home in the garage, and their music was composed of simple and energetic rock songs, where cruelty was more important than finishing. Garlic rock was born.

For over 50 years and various technological breakthroughs later, there are still bands that will sound like they have recorded their music in a garage. Two of these are the Hiveminds and Romskip mountain troops.

The song Annie is one of the most important recordings of the US charts

Fresh The Hiveminds sneak out of the underworld heroes of the Knights on Wednesday and just released their debut album "No Fun No More / Run Away," which was featured in most of the positive changes from BT. The band has at least one well-placed leg in the 60s, but it's also inspired by newer things like the post-1980s. The most important thing is, however, that the band sounds cool and exciting in 2018.

At Statsraaden you can also hear Romskip, which has long been a favorite around the city scene. When Romskip gave up his first single, "Things Do not Matter," Petter Salary of BT wrote: "Romskip sounds like the world is breaking, but it feels too good for someone to want to do something about it."

In other words, the state council should be a nice place to spend Friday nights.

Kjetil K. Ullebø

Theater: Bob Dylan is at Møhlenpris

What the: The song "Dylan – I'm Not Here"

in case of: Corner theater

when: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 18.30

Why: Bob Dylan is still relevant, even for those who are just over the age of confirmation. The actors in Theater Extra were not born even when the legend itself was 60 years old (77 years ago), but they interpret Dylan's famous texts in Norwegian, in a choreographic and beautiful interpretation.

The young actors blow in Dylan

Since BT's announcements, Einar Engelstad, saw the song in April this year, it was exasperatingly excited.

"It's just a bend in the dust for the achievements of eleven actor ages 12 to 17. Playing with convincing empathy, the dance numbers are precise." Changes in stage and costumes easily and effortlessly squeeze and never touch a text. Here is seriousness and humor in a beautiful union, "he wrote.

And you should listen to Engelstad.

Frode Bjerkestrand

– Now it's definitely over!

Angelo Reira rapper to stay healthy

The song Annie is one of the most important recordings of the US charts

SHOW: Lyric and music from Voss

What the: Looks with Jon Hjørnevik and Dagfinn Iversen

in case of: Mad Felle

when: Friday and Saturday.

Why: Vossingen Jon Hjørnevik and Dagfinn Iversen wake up to life in every Christmas. For almost twenty years they have read poetry, played self-made music, and enjoyed scenes in Bergen – often in the Logen Theater. And public interest has grown steadily for every year.

"We usually take advantage of the Christmas delivery, but we are also the child of divorce because we are cast on different scenes," Hjørnevik said.

Stig Holmås had never believed that his rainbow would be a theater

Now, the radar couple returns to Madame Felle on Friday and Saturday. There will be a lot of humor. A little serious. New poems. And old poems.

Hjørnevik goes out with his seventh collection of poems about Samla: "Not everyone resisted during the war." And guitarist / vocalist Dagfinn Iversen has made new tones.

"It's about wars on all fronts, privately and in public," said the poet, who sold nearly 40,000 books since his 2001 debut "In a Sofa in Korea."

Frank Johnsen

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