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Gråtkval Michael Douglas (74) Thanks to Father Kirk (101)


LOVE: Michael Douglas has shown for everyone present how close he has the same famous dad, Kirk Douglas, at the Monday ceremony.
LOVE: Michael Douglas has shown for everyone present how close he has the same famous dad, Kirk Douglas, at the Monday ceremony. Photo: MARIO ANZUONI / AP


Kirk Douglas sat in a wheelchair first in the solemnity ceremony of his son Michael, Hollywood, on Monday.


Finally HollywoodVeteran Michael Douglas took his own star on the venerable Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Thankfully, Douglas explained that it was she the question that was the most attention during the 50 years of career – why not be rewarded with the prestigious star.

Did not answer.

"Let's face the facts, this is a great honor and I do not get old, so I will like it with my wife, my son, all nurses and barriers," he said. people.

Oscar-rewarded Michael Douglas, known as "Wall Street," "Dangerous Desire," "Basic Instinct," "Wonder Boys," "Ant-Men," and "Wasp" became grandfather last year. However, he is not nearly able to call his grandfather.

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He loved exclusively in court

In place during the ceremony was Michaels Scandalous son Cameron Douglas (39). So was Michael's wife, movie star Catherine Zeta-Jones (49). They have two hot words from Michael. But it was Father Kirk who made Micah's voice cry out of excitement.

My father is here. In a month, Kirk will take 102 years! That means so much to me, Dad, that you're here today. Thank you for all your advice, for inspiration. Tell her a little, but from the bottom of my heart: I'm so proud of being your son, Michael said about the father has over 100 movies, three Oscar statuettes and the longest star on the Walk of Fame.

Michael embraced his father and kissed him in the middle of his mouth in honor of the photographers.

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Michael Douglas lied about cancer

Cameron Douglas, as in 2016 has escaped from prison after seven years for one narkodom, put together with his father and grandfather.

"I'm so proud to see my son, Cameron, here Michael said he shouted his wife.

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Thanks ex-son and in prison

– The love of my life is here as well. I'm talking about Catherine. I'm so grateful for all my love and patience. In a week we can celebrate 18 years of marriage. Thank you very much for the best 18 years of my life.

Five years ago they went through two a crisis in the relationship, but they did to be reunited.

Do you remember? Michael confirmed the violation

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Zeta-Jones admitted again

Michael Douglas has his son Cameron Excelsior Diandra Luker (60), plus a 15-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old Zeta-Jones boy.

The 74-year-old star is the result of an honorable campaign led by followers. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce receives approximately 300 suggestions from fan clubs and agents each year. Only 15-20 of these ends with a star.

Kirk Douglas, like other stars, has experienced that the cement star has become stolen from the sidewalks. However, the stolen stars have been replaced.

President Donald Trump (72) repeatedly received the star completely destroyed.

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