Sunday , May 29 2022

Let natural vitamins help you with cold


I like all seasons except November. The beautiful colorful tub is over and winter is waiting. It is dark, wet and sour, and the cold virus abounds. How will we get through this time without sleeping under the bed? There are different tips, and many swear at supplemental vitamin supplements when autumn darkness and lethargy come in. But do we really need vitamins on the box?

Two in three consumes vitamin pills – it is absolutely useless

Vitamin C is known as immunosuppressive vitamin. It has vital tasks in our body. Because vitamin is not stored in the body, we need a small refill every day. Unlike pills containing selected active ingredients, fruits and vegetables provide a much more active ingredient mixture than it is possible to get into a pill. In addition, fruits and vegetables taste much better.

There are many good vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of vitamin C, which along with other good nutrients contribute to strengthening the immune system. Green cabbage is super-food in itself, but also peppers, carrot, broccoli, chicken bowl, potatoes and, of course, oranges offer natural vitamin supplements.

Eating plenty of fruits, berries and vegetables is a sure way to get enough vitamin C. Eating a varied diet with 5 a day and preferably a bit of all the colors, supplements are completely useless for healthy people.

If you want to give your body the best condition to deal with unwanted viruses, it is better to bet on "real goods". Then you can enjoy a calm while under the carpet with a candle or fire on the fireplace, while the wind rains and you enjoy a delicious selection of fruits and vegetables, waiting for November to pass.

The Fruit and Vegetables Information Office Foundation aims to spread food happiness and increase people's knowledge of fresh fruit, berries, vegetables and potatoes in Norway. Our goal is "5 per day" for all who want to contribute to a healthier and healthier population.

We offer a wide selection of fruits and vegetables as well as dishes where they are used in our image bank.

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