Saturday , May 28 2022

Sandefjord Blad – These two days represent the price war on airline tickets


Those who hunt for cheap flights now have two more days to concentrate: On Wednesday and Thursday, the new weekly match between SAS and Norwegian takes place.

The first one hosted a regular campaign every Thursday called "Now or Never" where the company sends prices to individual destinations until the end.

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Now, the Norwegian is launching its own campaign in the middle of the week. It's Wednesday called "Ready Steady Fly" and lasts eight hours – from 16:00 until midnight, reports

Wednesday, Norwegian ticket sales to New York for kr. 999 in one direction, to Berlin for 249 crowns, Malaga for 299 crowns and Dubai for NOK 729.

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"We are very pleased to sell this Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, but not every Wednesday, and will appear on our newsletter, our social channels and our website "says Norwegian press officer Andreas Hjornholm


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