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– The decision is consistent with what the family meant all the time – NRK Nordland – Local News, TV and Radio


For two years, the woman of the woman found dead at Vesterålen in 2016 fought to persuade the police that she had not committed suicide. Now a lot of clarification has come close.

For the time being, it is known that the police aimed at cohabiting the woman for killing. The sentence was first mentioned in Vesterålen Online.

"The family thinks that the sentence gives a fair impression of what they meant to happen all the time," says Arve Sjødin, counselor at NRK.

The police failed to conclude

The deaths that are still under investigation occurred in August two years ago. At that time, it was hard to conclude what happened, whether it was an act of killing or a criminal act.

The Vesterålen police investigated the case, but failed to reach a conclusion and considered that there was no basis for doing so. But the prosecutor concluded that the case had to be investigated further, including after the press of the deceased's relatives.

The investigation was resumed, and earlier this year Nordland police forces, Kripos, asked for assistance. The Kripos investigators were in Vesterålen this spring at the request of the local police. At most, Kripos had six investigators at Vesterålen.

– The case has become too old

– The person had the status of a case at the beginning of the case, which came as a result of the use of compulsory funds against this person. In connection with new investigations against this person, a sentence was formalized and is then killing, "police adviser Kay Rønning Nyvold told NRK.

Police Attorney Kai Rønning Nyvold

Prosecutor Kay Rønning-Nyvold.

Photo by Stein Inge Pedersen / NRK

"The context of the sentence is now the information and information that came through the technical investigation of the scene and the questioning that was done in this case," he continues.

Rønning Nyvold says the police still do not rule out that it could be a self-killing.

– The case is investigated further. It will take some time, both technical and tactical investigations. We can not say anything about when we're done.

Rønning-Nyvold points out that the sentence is preliminary and can be changed.

– The problem is priority, it has become too old and we want to do it as soon as possible.

He was asked to review the issue again

He is the lawyer Arve Sjødin and the retired investigator Kripos, Jan Arnt Skjolde, who was trained by the family to review the files after the local police failed to close the case.

"We felt it was necessary to contact the prosecutor and the police to try to do more with this case as it appeared to us," says Sjødin to NRK.

They heard a hearing from the prosecutor who thought the case had to be investigated further.

"As a result, Kripos became involved, and when they entered the field, a significant investigation was made. We notice that there was a change in the thesis, Sjødin says.

– What were the documents that made you think the issue should be investigated more?

"Both the tactical and the technical information did not correspond to the image originally formed by the police. We came up with new suggestions, new things and new information.

– How did relatives react to a man who was accused of killing in this case?

"They are waiting, but satisfied that after two years, the results are in progress, what they expected a long time ago. They were always ready that their daughter did not commit to kill herself. a proof of self-killing, so we had to work on this alternative.

– How was the wait?

"It was very difficult, come in and burn with information you do not get out of and then it's hard to be relatives, they were characterized by it, but I think they were brave and stuck in what I think is right in this case, says Sjødin.

NRK has been in contact with defendant defender Lo-Johan Dag Melinder, who will not comment on this issue at this time.

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