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– The sensors will talk with self-propelled vehicles


In a new podium episode from Tinius Foundation, Berit Svendsen, Arne Norheim and Kjersti Løken talk about how things on the Internet (or the Internet) make our society better. The examples are many about how positive they are
things on the internet are.

"The easiest application of IoT we see in Norway is that the Norwegians call warming in the cabin before they get up in the evenings on Friday," says Berit Svendsen, who recently joined Telenor at Vipps in
the latest podcasts from the Tinius Foundation.

It also draws attention to developments in the automotive and transport industries and in the health sector.

"On the roads, the sensors will be removed and the sensors will speak
with cars. They want to tell the car that you have to slow down for the next round, it's dangerous, "says Berit Svendsen, a foreign manager at Vipps.

It also draws attention to how the drug dispensers are
connected online tested.

"If you do not take your medicine, you will be notified to the home care center or your relatives, so we are very pleased," says Svendsen, who offers numerous examples of use of IoT in
the aquaculture industry, the agricultural sector and private homes.

Kjersti Løken Stavrum, CEO. at the Tinius Foundation, ask the podcast if it is not an ethical court with problematic data links that can also be dangerous for

"When you have a picture of what is important to a person, it is relatively easy to radically influence the person," says IBM's Norwegian Arne Norheim.

– Large businesses need to connect information so they do not
contributes to a further polarization in society, says Svendsen.

Svendsen also states that he has just returned from a visit to Google in New York.

– Google is trying technology to ensure that, if necessary
seeking IS propaganda, should also raise non-propaganda propaganda, but show how it looks in caliphs when IS was somewhere in time. Get a better overview of information, she says.

Løken Stavrum challenges the group if Internet content is useful to the media and recalls that it is the media industry. The Tinius Foundation is very interested.

"The media industry is mostly about data, so it has a lot
respecting what is happening on things, says Arne Norheim.

"The most important thing is that you get relevant news. If you say" news review "to voice assistant assistants without prior notice
By entering what you really want to listen to, they will only return with very few choices. We do not even make the choices, "says Svendsen.

Want to know more about what is really the Internet of things and about how technology
is it used today? Listen to the whole episode here.

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– Polarization risk:

In a new podium episode from the Tinius Foundation, Arne Norheim, Berit Svendsen and Kjersti Løken talk about things
make our society better and what challenges it can do. – The information must be connected so that it does not contribute to subsequent polarization, says Svendsen.

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