Tuesday , January 19 2021

The strike was arrested when she had to choose a passport at the embassy in Belgium

Man is in the early '30s and is considered by the police to be central to the ganglion called Young Bloods.

TV 2 receives information that the arrest took place Thursday at or at the Embassy of Norway in Brussels.

The man, who was searched internationally, tried to get a passport when the arrest took place. After TV 2 is known, the Norwegian police invalidated the man's passport.

Confirms the arrest

With her passport, the man should, after all, judge traveling to Morocco.

The man previously visited The Hague in an attempt to obtain an emergency passport from Norway.

"We can confirm that a Norwegian citizen was arrested today in Belgium. The reason for the arrest is that he has been requested internationally," police adviser Andreas Meeg-Bentzen told TV 2.

It is not known how the man comes to trial.

"It is not officially questioned in this case, and this is probably the basis for arrest." Until he was questioned, I do not want to comment, says Øyvind Bergøy ​​Pedersen at TV 2.

The man is accused of opposing the judiciary by holding a criminalized criminal for the police. The background of the case is a kidnapping that took place in Holmlia in 2015.

Four young men and women of 40 years were sentenced in March to kidnap a man and ill-treat for two days. This happened in autumn 2015. Most of them are related to Young Bloods.

It is assumed that the head of the YB and the lawyers accused

While the woman in the case of kidnapping is running away from the police, she should have been hidden. Already the supposed leader of Young Bloods, a man at the end of the 20's, was accused of the matter.

He was arrested in Morocco at the end of September. He is still imprisoned in the country, awaiting extradition to Norway.

The fledged woman stayed home for two days with two lawyers. Lawyers were accused by the judiciary's opposition at the beginning of October. They recognize the woman
lived with them, but he said he did not know he had escaped the police.

The kidnapping case was settled in the court in October, but the verdict has not yet arrived.

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