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The World Cup organizer self-criticizes the ticket queue: – It's inconvenient. But we had to make a choice


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LONDON: These days, the World Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana is played in the Holborn district of London.

The event attracts Norwegians more interested in chess. But when Helene and Stein Henriksen of Lørenskog met on Saturday at the gaming room, they received a surprise. Tickets – which cost 70 pounds (about NOK 750) on. piece – it was not what they believed.

A watch for a piece of paper that allowed them to see the party for half an hour. In other words, the organizer imposed restrictions on how long he could stay in the game room.

When we meet the couple, they sit in the cafe and follow the internet streaming.

"When I came here, I did not know anything about the time limit," says Helene Henriksen.

– I thought he was a little stupid. It's just half an hour for six hours or hours, "said Stein Henriksen, who won World Cup tickets for the Christmas present from the organizer.

You have to pass twice

During the World Cup there is a glass wall separating the audience. There was a lot of space in the room where the players stood on the opening day. But the Saturday was packed at the party at 15 o'clock. The games room has a capacity of 150 people.

Aftenposten saw the booking confirmation from the organizer. Here he reserves the right to impose restrictions on days of high pressure. It is true, with very little writing.

The real Henriksen couple received a new ticket when they finished the first half hour. In addition, there may be more opportunities to see Caruana and Carlsen later in the evening.

However, they initially thought they would get unlimited time in the games room.

"It was a surprise," says Stein Henriksen.

– It's awkward

When we submitted the complaints to the event's contact, we were told to send an email. He was not answered.

But after the party, Ilja Merenzon entered the press. Merenzon is the manager of AGON, the company that organizes the World Championship match and heard about critics.

– It's awkward. I agree with this. But we had to make a choice. That was my decision. Either we could limit how many people came, so fewer people saw the players or we could introduce a system, "says Merenzon.

He justified the choice of introducing such periods:

– The reason is that the law limits the capacity of this building. A few days a weekend we are completely sold. The only way to manage entry into the game area is to switch.

– How were customers informed in advance?

– We've released all the information about Ticketmaster. There are also things related to the accessibility of wheelchairs and weather.

She thinks the measure is unusual

It was Mike Klein, content manager at, who first made a point on the ticket system on his Twitter account. Klein shared a picture of the tickets on his Twitter account.

At that moment, it seemed to the audience that they only received half an hour in the game room. Later, however, it seems that the spectators could take another half hour in the game room.

However, Mike Klein points out that the restrictions are unusual.

"When you buy a ticket, you will hear about the restrictions you do not know when you meet, you have nothing to say about chess or anything else, then you can be disappointed," says Klein.

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