Monday , January 24 2022

Total debt in mobile mobile services sector – Testing student loans for mobile mobility


"Offering customers an overview of total debt in one place will be beneficial to understanding their own finances, as an overview of their own debt can help individuals make better financial choices," says Nina Schanke Funnemark, Director General of the Loan Fund.

She believes that pilot cooperation between them and Sbank is an example of a service developed for the benefit of the client.

Now, a group of Sbanken customers can see their student's balance at the mobile bank. Initially, the service will be offered to 15,000 Sankens betabank customers, and customers have to give their consent to receive the service. The pilot will have a duration of three months.

To manage your student loan, you still need to stay connected to your pages in the loan box. It's just a balance of the student loan that becomes visible in the mobile bank.

It will reduce the growth of the individual's debt

"The global debt of the Nordic citizens grows, and interest rate rises raise the risk of the Norwegian private economy. In this context, it is becoming more and more important that Norwegians have an overview of their own finances," writes Lånekassen in a statement of press.

"We hope that this service can help individuals not bear more debt than their ability to operate and will open the way for Norwegian bank customers to have full control over their own debt situation," says Christoffer Hernæs, digital director of Sbanken.

– Useful for consumers

Jorge Jensen, director of Consumer Affairs, believes that student loans in mobile mobile services make it easier for consumers to get a more complete picture of their own finances.

"This makes it easier to budget spending in the household economy, and it can help less with bills and loans. It's great Sbanken opens the way, and the loan has to do the same with other banks," says Jensen at

These are both cultural changes and new technologies, which means that more information is now shared by independent financial actors about our lives, "he continues. This is an example of simplifying everyday life that will brings benefits to consumers.

I can come with several banks

Dinside has asked DNB and Nordea, the largest banker in Norway, if this is a solution they want in mobile banking and online. First Answers:

"DNB is coming soon with a new mobile bank and we will continually evaluate which services will be offered here. We listen to customer needs and prioritize what the mobile bank should say to us."

This is something Nordea wants to facilitate and constantly looks at opportunities that make it easier for customers to have an overview.

"Accessing data from Lånekassen in the internet bank is something we want and we will offer our customers in the long run," says Synne Ekrem, communications manager at

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