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Trust itself is fresh. Anders Fannemel lost him during a jump.


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Fannylel and teammates open seasonally in Wisla for the weekend. Now there are new chances, not least for a 27-year-old man who felt he has lost the last half of the season last year.

Everything came back in a short period of time.

Because the feeling he had in the sixth week of hops, with his second place in the final standings from Bischofshofen and the third place overall, was so liberating. The 170 cm high jumper was great. Most voted, and soon the Olympics.

"Self-esteem is fresh and I lose it quickly," he says.

Mari (28) and Ida Eide (30) thought nothing could distinguish them. Then the worst thing happened.

From interpreter to spectator

The Hornindal ski jumper has experienced a slowdown that has caused it not to leap into a single jump in South Korea. He had to make sure that teammates got gold in teams and brought home some individual medals.

As they celebrated and looked forward to triumphs, Anders Fannemel was praised for being a support teammate.

"He was a very good fifth person," said Alexander Stöckl.

This is how the national team manager explains a new rule: – It's about security

Not what he wanted

The national coach just has to say about a veteran, but he knows that Fannemel does not train to be a spectator.

But what really happened after winning the World Cup in Engelberg just before Hoppuka and then became the best in Norway before leaving?

Fannelel explains:

"Between Hoppuka and the Olympic Games, the World Ski Championships were held in Oberstdorf where there was only one jump ahead of the World Cup team because of bad weather." We did not succeed. "The rhythm and the competition were destroyed "My self-esteem had a bang when I became a spectator in the World Cup, and then it was difficult to get into a team where all the Norwegians were among the top six," he says.

Norway took the World Cup in the team wing. Fannemel received the first taste of being a backup.

The fact that he became a slicer was also unfavorable. He had to sit on the top for 45 minutes and wait for him to be put down.

– Could you say you're not a jumper test during the World Cup?

– Yes, but it indicates a clear resignation if you choose to stand.

I have to meet

When Fannemel joined the Olympics, he was still open to jumpers to participate.

"I tried too much to jump better. I would rather have done what I did two weeks before everything was voted.

He was the fifth in the team.

"It's the hardest way to get in. Everything you've trained is gone and it's going to be a bad feeling.

Fannyle was never in the mind to let go. He returned home, spent a ten-day holiday in Mexico, gathered his strength and was cut off again.

Now he looks forward to returning to the good company. It's been ten years since he debuted in the Lillehammer World Cup. Four world champions later, he still sees himself as a snake who has a lot to accomplish. The Seefeld World Cup this season is a clear goal.

"What I have learned about self-esteem for me is that I have to give it black on white. I have to get good results as a confirmation of what I can." If I understand, everything goes much better, he says.

Fannemel seeks a new start in the opening of the World Cup.

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