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Alan García will be interrogated today by prosecutor José Domingo Pérez [EN VIVO] | policy


Former president Alan García will be presented to an anticorruption prosecutor's office José Domingo Pérez Gómez on Thursday as part of his investigation into the allocation of Lima's 1st line of Metro (Sections 1 and 2) to the company Odebrecht.

-6 in the morning –
Alan García arrived from Spain a few minutes after 6 am and left Jorge Chávez International Airport without testifying to the press.

The former president must go to the tax office at 10 am.

This is the second time Pérez Gómez cites the former president. On this occasion, he extends his version of the procedures and responsibilities in the adjudication of the paper during the second government.

The Prosecutor's Office is investigating the tender for Lima Line 1 of the Lima Metro and the issuing of the 032-2009 Emergency Decree, which declared the execution and implementation of this transport service a public need.

This rule, according to the prosecutor, would have been issued after a supposed agreement between García Pérez and his former director Odebrecht in Peru Jorge Barata.

This investigation, among others, was initiated by the Special Prosecutor's Office for the Lava Jato case after the company Odebrecht he said he paid $ 24 million in bribes to various civil servants of our country in return for the benefit of public works auctions.

In the case of the Metro in Lima, the Prosecutor's Office is based on the discovery of the documentation that would prove the company Odebrecht I would have paid about $ 8 million in return for this work.

-Confirm presence-
According to Erasmo Reyna, the legal defense of García Perez, the former president will attend the procedure he was summoned to.
Reyna informed that in this case, the former Deputy Minister of Communications, Jorge Cuba, has already said.

"Without going into details, because there is a diligence in the reserve, I can mention that there was not mentioned anything unlawful about the former president GarcíaHe said.

He said there is no fear of his sponsor that there is an effective collaborator, as in the investigation followed by Fuerza Popular leader (FP) Keiko Fujimori.

"There is no effective collaboration or protected witnesses." Jorge Cuba began to give testimony in which I participated, so there is no fear, "he reiterated.

On March 31, 2017, García Pérez was included in this investigation for alleged trafficking offense.

So far, ex-state ministers, government staff of the palace, and Mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda Lossio, testified before the Prosecutor's Office, among others, who were involved in this work.

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