Friday , February 3 2023

Automatically register aliens, the new thing for Google mobile phones


call recording

Surely you are used to receiving calls from strangers. Many of them are campaigns by telephone operators themselves, other times we talk about other types of spam and, on rare occasions, there are threats and calls in general that we would like to record to show the authorities as evidence of a crime.

The problem is that the call recording feature isn’t available as soon as we receive a call, although it looks like this is about to change with Google Mobile.

According to XDA Developers, Pixel mobile phones are preparing an automatic call recording system when the caller’s number is unknown, an option that can be set up even on mobile.

The recording made will be saved only on the mobile phone and we would be able to delete it after it was made or keep it for use in any type of complaint.

The problem is that in many countries, this type of recording is illegal, because we can only record a call when both parties agree and when it is a threat or harassment, the second party certainly does not want that recording, because so the resulting audio file would have no legal value. However, depending on the function, it will also notify whether or not registration permission is required for both parties, so that if a stranger calls, a message such as “conversation, if you are not agreement. hang up ”so that we can avoid the problem before starting the conversation.

This feature appeared in the application code version 59 of Google Phone, but we don’t know when it will be activated or in which countries it can be used.

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