Friday , January 22 2021

Cajamarca: food from the Vaso de Leche program is not properly stored and distributed Peru | Cajamarca

The Comptroller General Office identified the risks in the food distribution process from the Vaso de Leche program by the Llacanora district municipality in the province and region Cajamarca. Deliveries are received in urban and rural care centers.

According to the report, the commune of that neighborhood of Cajamarca did not respect the timely distribution of the food intended Milk bottle for beneficiaries in the urban and rural areas, which causes the risk that beneficiaries will not receive ration in the established amounts and will lessen the nutritional level of the most vulnerable population.

In addition, it was pointed out that the company received monthly 700 pieces of 1450 kg kiwicha leaves, soybean, quinoa, oatmeal with vitamin and mineral enriched macaque; however, the entity pays for 700 bags of 1460 kilograms; ie 0.010 kg per bag more, generating an economic loss to entity S / 231 compared to January-June.

After the inspection visit, it was found, according to the Comptroller General, that the Glass Glass storage conditions are inadequate. "During the visit to the grocery store, it was noticed he was in front of him
to park the vehicles of the entity that emit smoke coming into the premises which is also used as a Glass of Milk Program office, "the Comptroller informed Cajamarca.

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