Saturday , February 4 2023

Cercado de Lima: this is the state of survivors after a multiple VIDEO crime. | Lima | police


Hospital Director Archbishop Loayza, Juan Enrique Machicado, provided details of the condition of the two injured after the multiple murder that took place in a house Cercado de Lima. An identified person, Erick Hernandez Ramos, when he murdered his wife, his brother-in-law, his one-year-old son, hurt his sister, nephew and committed suicide.

The sister of the attacker, Yaisy Hernández, is in a very delicate condition. However, accompanied by psychiatric staff, they informed him about the death of the four members of his family.

"Emotionally, she has ideas of self-harm, aggression, and concern about her relatives." She was informed by psychiatric staff about the deaths of her three relatives and her brother, and she is administered with psychiatric staff, "the doctor at a press conference.

The doctor also said that Yaisy Hernández's son, who was also injured, is in intensive care because of the severity of the injuries.

"The two-year-old child suffers a penetrating wound in his chest, which caused an air inlet, and the entrance of the dagger caused an injury to the vessel, which caused them to collect blood in the thorax." This child was multidisciplinary. He is currently in intensive care, "the hospital director said.

As we recalled, in the early hours of this Wednesday, Venezuelan citizen Erick Hernández Ramos, 37, killed his wife, his one-year-old son and his brother-in-law. Then he took his life.

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