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Christian Domínguez and Chabelita celebrate their love at Disney


November 7, 2018, 5:00.

I'm pure love! The romance between Christian Domínguez and Isabel Acevedo is the best, which is why they decided to celebrate the second anniversary in a great way.

The boy and the folk Chabeli They traveled to the magic city of Orlando to fulfill their dream of meeting Micky Mouse personally.

A member of this war used their social networks to share some pictures of his trip to Disneyland in the company of his beautiful girlfriend.

"So you think you are very far away or almost always will always get good vibration when you live calmly and happily, thanks, friends," he wrote Christian Domínguez in his official Instagram account.

"So I started the recharge of the day, leaving the pots clean, with my best therapy @isabelacevedoarenas my precious", added the leader of the Grand International Orchestra in the popular social network.

On the other hand, Isabel Acevedo He also devoted an emotional message to the real boy.

"What a beautiful day, reassuring our childhood in the best way @chrisdominguezof #Mickey #Minnie #adventure #love," added Karla Tarazona's enemy to the popular social network.

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