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Cobra Kai: Why Elisabeth Shue Didn’t Talk to Ralph Macchio or William Zapka for Several Years After Karate Kid Movies | Ali Mills | Daniel LaRusso | Johnny Lawrence | FAME


The third season of “Cobra Kai“I delved into its origins”Karate Kid“From the trip to Okinawa and the recovery of characters such as Ali Mills, Daniel’s ex-girlfriend who played Elisabeth Shue.

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Ali had already been mentioned several times in “Cobra Kai“As a preview of his comeback that would take place in the third season, where he mediated between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zapka), so that he could solve the problems they had been facing since they were teenagers, although beyond that, Something Shue said about his colleagues attracted a lot of attention: he hadn’t seen them in decades.

Despite the fact that they managed the star together, for various reasons, they lost contact, until the rebirth “Karate Kid“It simply came to our notice then.

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According to several theories, such as that it would be the doctor who would save Miguel’s life or that she would be Tory’s mother, Ali reappeared in the last chapters of the third season when he reunited with Johnny a few years later, in a meeting. who became friends. Johnny is now in love with Carmen Díaz, Miguel’s mother. Of course, Ali helped him to correct, to some extent, his relationship with Daniel.

In an interview with EW, Elisabeth Shue He talked about re-entering the franchise after many years. In fact, one of the big revelations was that decades had passed since he saw Macchio and Zapka, apart from a few quick meetings at events.

“Well, I came across Billy at Comic-Con, which was pretty weird for ‘The Boys,’ only a few months earlier, I met Ralph once in 1986 at a Mets game, and I haven’t seen him since.” . When we met later, I was shocked. I said, “God,” and that’s exactly what he told me in the episode. “Shue revealed in the interview.

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The long-awaited appearance of Ali Mills has come true in the new installment of "Cobra Kai" (Photo: Netflix)
The long-awaited appearance of Ali Mills has come true in the new installment of “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)

Shue filmed his scenes “Cobra Kai” in 2019, what they went through almost 35 years since he met Macchio and Zapka during “Karate Kid”. Although all that time without being seen was not reflected on the screen, because they offered good chemistry, it showed an even better relationship between Ali and Johnny, which gave Shue and Zapka many funny scenes together.

On the other hand, the actress pointed out that she was not in her plans to return to the franchise, she was not even convinced that she should return, but fortunately her experience in “Boys” led to the return of Ali Mills.

Now that Ali is back for a small role in “Cobra Kai”It is understandable that many want to know if he will return in the coming seasons. Netflix has already ordered a fourth season, but it is not confirmed if Shue is part of the cast in any way. Although, due to his role in the series, he could easily be the only time he appears and even then he could leave all the fans satisfied.

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Ali Mills, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence in "Karate Kid" (Photo: Sony Pictures)
Ali Mills, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence in “Karate Kid” (Photo: Sony Pictures)


The show previously determined his return But doing what Daniel and Johnny They talked about her in their short time in a bar, and a moment ago she saw Johnny connecting with Ali on Facebook. season 3 completes the circle of that connection; Johnny contacts Ali on Facebook.

This is also due Miguel, who helps you create your profile on social networks and his personality are some of the best parts of the season. Finally, they meet at noon. The two have a great time and finally invites him to a party at the country club.

Here, the two meet Daniel and his wife Amanda. The four have a great time at the party, remembering the old days and putting a lot of perspective for the two heroes who literally come from very different schools and they learned life lessons differently.

Ali, who sees the good in both men, helps them realize that in many ways they believe in the same kinds of things. Meanwhile, Amanda helps Ali bring the two boys through mutual appreciation for her, being a crucial part of the plot of season 3 of “Cobra Kai”.

Another curious fact of his appearance, accordingly Polygon, is that the writers were not sure if it was a good idea. An emergency plan has been revealed Ralph Macchio in the middle, where he explained that the logistics section could have had a problem with bringing it to the registration set:

If it was not available, there was another plan“, said Macchio. “When did I know about this? I think it happened throughout the filming of season 3, it was, you know, the logistical part, at least from my perspective. I think I found out when I got the scripts, actually how it could be played“.

The alternative history would have been that Ali’s husband answers Johnny. “That was the withdrawal, “how we will vacuum from the room” of what I wrote“, said Macchio, „that would be her husband talking back and forth on Facebook with Johnny“. Finally, fans appreciate that it was the same But who seemed to be solving problems with his old childhood loves.

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Season two revealed that Ali Mills will return to the franchise "Cobra Kai" (Photo: Netflix)
The second season revealed that Ali Mills will return to the franchise in “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)

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