Sunday , April 2 2023

Ford and Walmart will collaborate on designing automated vehicles to deliver the Economics products companies


Ford Motor Co., Walmart Inc. and delivery service Postmates Inc. will work together to design a food delivery service and other Walmart customers' products that can use autonomous vehicles someday, companies said today.

The project is most recently derived from the broader effort I'm seeing for the development of companies that can use automated vehicles. Ford has already worked with Postmates, based in San Francisco, to develop delivery services that could use automated vehicles.

Pilot program Walmart, which will operate in the Miami area and will initially use vehicles driven by people operating to simulate how an autonomous vehicle will behave, Ford said. The car added that it plans to start the commercial production of automated vehicles by 2021.

Ford and its partners use Miami as a test site for ideas for automated delivery and automated vehicle technology.

The new pilot project will provide customers with the Postmate delivery of goods ordered in Walmart stores. Brian Wolf, executive director of the Ford Autonomous Vehicle Unit, wrote in a blog post that companies will work over the next "few months" to determine what goods can be delivered successfully, especially on perishable food.

"Before cars can spread, we need to better understand how people want to interact with them," said Tom Ward, Walmart's senior vice president of digital operations, in a statement Thursday.

Walmart competes with's online retailer and other rivals to reduce the cost of delivering the buyer's goods online.

In July, Ford said it would create a new business unit, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, which will take over the autonomous vehicle operations. The car added that it would invest a total of $ 4,000 million in the unit by 2023.

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