Saturday , May 28 2022

Furrow: Criminals arrested after attacking passengers on the bus VIDEO | lime


National Police (PNP) arrested two subjects at the junction between Jr. Vista Alegre with North Guardia Civil Av., in the district groove , after attacking passengers inside a public transport bus.

These thieves have boarded the public bus that presents themselves as passengers. Seconds later, with arms in hand, caused unease among the people. According to agents, they stole mobiles.

After a quick police action, it was possible to find the capture of these criminals. The victims thanked the agents because they could recover their mobile equipment. They were also encouraged to record the faces of these subjects.

"I'm concentrating my weapon, they stole my cell phone and the other man, and thanks to the police, I managed to get my equipment back in. Now I'm going to report it to the police station so it's over. are very alive with the pistol straight, "said one of the victims.

Subjects were identified as Samuel Caleb Murrieta Grados (27) and Erick Giovanni Manihuari Chávez (24). During the search, they seized a 38-caliber Rossi pistol, which was supplied with three cartridges, according to El Comercio.

Both were transferred to the Sagittarius Police Station and made available to them Surco Depincri.


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