Sunday , June 26 2022

Judicial branch will be prevented from leaving Guido Aguila and other CNM members | policy


The Judicial Power is scheduled for tomorrow at 15:00, the hearing in which will be evaluated the appeals with restrictions and the impediment of leaving the country for the former members of the National Council of Magistracy Guido Aguila, for the illegal sponsorship crimes; Iván Noguera, for illegal sponsorship; and Orlando Velásquez, for passive bribery.

The Supreme Court's Preventive Investigation Court will address the request of the Supreme Prosecutor Jesús Fernández Alarcón, who is investigating the high command of the alleged criminal organization, such as former counselors, the former President of the Callao Court, Walter Ríos and the former supreme judge. César Hinostroza.

On October 26, the Supreme Court issued 18 months of preventive detention for former CNM member Julio Gutiérrez Pebe for the offense of passive bribery.

Fernandez also obtained that the Judicial Power dictates 36 months of imprisonment for César Hinostroza. Exactly yesterday the hearing was held for this mandate. The Special Chamber of the Supreme Court left the decision to vote.

The supreme magistrate's lawyer said he was not given a reasonable time to prepare for the defense, and argued that the resolution approving the imprisonment request "does not adequately develop the elements of conviction presented by the Prosecutor's Office."

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