Saturday , February 27 2021

La Libertad: EsSalud Reports 20 Thousand Patients With TRUJILLO Diabetes | industry

Each year the number of patients with diabetes increases by 10%. This was reported by the manager EsSalud La Libertad, José Carranza Castillo, who reported that the institution serves nearly 20,000 patients in La Libertad with this disease.

"Every year, diabetic patients grow … either because of the bad lifestyle or because of the genetic factor, if we have a diabetic father, in our family there will always be a diabetic, we can not change, but what can we do make control are complications, with prevention, good nutrition, exercise, etc. ", said the specialist.

As preventive measures, she also recommended monthly checks and encouragement of healthy childhood food consumption.

While there is a large number in adults, there is also juvenile diabetes, 5% of patients have this type of diabetes, he added.

Data. 50% of patients do not know they have diabetes. These "hidden patients" only go to medical centers when they have complications, such as high blood sugar. For this reason, EsSalud asked the population to perform monthly checks.

Activities by Worldwide Day Against Diabetes Mellitus They begin this Sunday November 11 with a walk at 8:00, from the papal oval at Inca Coliseum. On Wednesday, Wednesday, 14 activities will be carried out for the benefit of patients in the hospital of Víctor Lazarte.

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