Thursday , March 30 2023

Manuel Valea Mires: shipibo konibo and xetebo community rejects aggression from subject to woman in front of police | Cercado de Lima society


After identifying the subject who physically and verbally aggressed the journalist Madeleine Zafra, who broadcast a live show, Shipibo Konibo Xetebo Council (COSHIKOX) denounced that he also attacked members of that community who were interviewed by the communicator.

According to his statement, the wise man Olinda Silvano Arévalo and Silvia Ricopa accompanied the journalist when he was the lawyer Manuel Valega Mires He crossed the paths.

"The video published by our wise men is a public knowledge Madeleine Zafra which shows physical, verbal and psychological aggression, "says part of the COSHIKOX statement.

He also asks the Minister of Justice, the President of the Republic, Minister for Women and Vulnerable Populations, as well as the Minister of the Interior, acting ex officio before this act, which he described as "repudiate".

"From COSHIKOX we repudiate this kind of behavior [..] which was observed and ignored by the police authorities present at the time, "they added.

Finally, the Shipibo Council, Konibo Xetebo, said it would remain vigilant about the results.

As you remember, the video posted on the popular social network shows how Manuel Valega Mires the journalist's live broadcast is interrupted and manifests no matter what he does.

After being detained for his actions, Manuel Valera Mires makes an offensive gesture towards the victim in front of a group of police officers. She was not happy about that, she tried to take her to the woman's room.


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