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Real Madrid suffered, but in Valladolid won 2-0 with Vinícius Junior's good performance, Solari's debut in Spanish league | VIDEO | All Sports | Running world


Real Madrid scored two goals to zero Real Valladolid thanks to Kiko Olivas for his own goals at the 83rd minute, in the Brazilian action Vinícius Junior, and Sergio Ramos from the penalty area in 88.

After the first half on which Real Madrid He dominated the ball, but he did not bother Masip outside of the side centers, he was in the second half and both teams had more space to run.

In that situation, Valladolid had the best chance of attacking two of the Alcaraz and Toni Villa on the scoreboard and a hand on his hand, which stopped the Belgian Thibaut Courtoist.

Real Madrid defeated Valladolid 2-0, Vinícius Junior with his own goal

Real Madrid vs. Valladolid: summary of the match. (Video: DirecTV / Photo: EFE)

It was an action Viníciuswho dribbled past the home side's keeper, giving the ball up to 73 minutes for the home side. Brilliant shot in Kiko Olivas and slid into Valladolid's goal when the 83rd minute light signaled.

Sergio Ramos was responsible for the final 2-0 at the penalty spot in the absence of Calero at Benzema 88.


Between the duel Real Madrid and Real Valladolid is one of the most attractive places on the 11th day of Spanish football and focuses on the merengue bench. Keep track of minutes, stats, incidents, goals, interviews, and match results.

Santiago Solari at Santiago Bernabéu, Real Madrid coach, is temporary but, as far as possible, if the results come together, one of the championships comes before Real Valladolid is played. fifteen points.

The good taste of the donkey and the change of image that Real Madrid has abandoned against the arrival of Solari against Segunda B, like Melilla (0-4) in Copa de Rey, has to move to the LaLiga Santander race in which it is in the position.

Since September 22, he has not won the game. The October black moon with three consecutive defeats and a point in the last fifteenth game is reflected in the collapse of a team leading to the dismissal of Julen Lopetegui.

Solari wants to settle down and strengthen a new image in the first leg which directs the Madrid rivals. Most of them had a break in the Copa, only Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema were in the starting line – and the goal is to find the same commitment and effort in the league. The team is conditioned by defensive losses, without Dani Carvajal and Marcelo, or Varane in the defense center. Vallejo and Mariano are also completing complete refit to a full-fledged pest.

The good play of Odriozola in Melilla ensures continuity on the right and occupies the left side of Squadra Squad, only Nacho and Sergio Ramos as a healthy center. Solari's first decisions are on the midfield. They rested with Casemiro, Kroos and Modric. Isco has the advantage of Marco Asensio and Bale's right or left side, a mystery to clear the new coach 1-4-2-3-1. The tip is still Benzema.

The "explosion" of Vinicius, having received the first title with the first team, is a factor that Solari manages. Castilla, and knows what else a footballer is like the rest of the first team, but gallons prevent him from starting the championship, although in the second half of the year the growth continues and the Bernabéu fans thrive. so many people do not like this course.

Real Valladolid has resumed the Croatian striker Duje Copot at Santiago Bernabéu on a "stately stage", which Sergio González hopes will not influence his players, as he knows that everybody will need a hundred percent.

For the Catalan coach, the fact that the new coach of Real Madrid is "a double-edged sword" and waiting tactical tactics on Julen Lopetegui's stage who is ready for the account. Although Real Valladolid fears that they will "pay for broken disks" because of the defeat against classical Barcelona, ​​they will remain loyal to their style of play, which has brought them so much success.

His streak is opposed to his rival. From the fourth day until September 16, he did not lose a game and won four of the last five days. For this reason, the Santiago Bernabéu is "eleven warriors who must give everything to their side" as summarized by Óscar Plano.

Gonzalez made this match both to face 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 at Solari, the eleven being that it does not seem to be too much compared to the last games, although the coach has taken note of it, that the players of the Copa del Rey "are very close to the usual". You can not count on the injured Keko, Ivi López and Salisú; and he left Mui, Guitar, Cotán and Luism with a technical decision.

Real Madrid vs. Real Valladolid | Possible adjustments:

Real Madrid: Courtois; Odriozola, Nacho, Sergio Ramos, Reguilón; Casemiro, Kroos; Modric, Isco, Bale; and Benzema.

Real Valladolid: Masip; Moyano, Calero, Kiko Olivas, Antoñito; Nacho, Alcaraz, Míchel or Leo Suárez, Toni; Óscar Plano and Unal.

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