Saturday , August 13 2022

SKY is in Rio de Janeiro and becomes the first


With the presence of Brazilian transport minister Valter Casimiro; Director of the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), José Ricardo Pataro; and CEO of RIOgaleão, Luiz Rocha Airport, SKY inaugurated its operation in this country, becoming the first low-cost airline to land on Brazilian territory.

Thus, SKY will now operate routes to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, while Florianópolis will be seasonal and will be active by March 2019.

The SKY 620 flight landed in Rio de Janeiro at 12:15 with 184 passengers on board; among them, the CEO of the company, Holger Paulmann; sales manager Jaime Fernández and operations manager Werner Geissbuhler.

"Inauguration of routes to Brazil is a milestone for our operation, as it is a very attractive market for the industry and we have reached our low cost model that has allowed us to consolidate ourselves as the best low- cost from South America and we hope that all Brazilians can take advantage of its benefits, "Paulmann said when landing at RIOGaleão Airport.

Meanwhile, Brazil's Transport Minister Valter Casimiro said "Together with Anac and other aviation agencies, we have encouraged airline companies to reduce the cost of flights per user. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate SKY Airline and mention that Brazil wants more and more people to fly to our country and vice versa to improve the tourist exchanges between the two countries. "

During the opening ceremony to Rio de Janeiro, Paulmann announced that SKY hopes to continue to consolidate in South America and to build a long-term relationship with Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

"The rapid growth we have had for three years – when we announced our conversion to the low-cost model – and its successful implementation have encouraged and advanced our international projection plans," Paulmann said.

He also pointed out that the new destinations to Brazil are in response to the requirements and requirements of SKY passengers. "During the summer we know that the beaches of Brazil are one of the Chilean favorites, while in winter, the snow becomes a great tourist attraction for the Brazilians who in 2019 will be able to come and enjoy it in Chile flying in low cost format ".

The new routes will operate five weekly frequencies for Sao Paulo; four for Florianópolis; and six for Rio de Janeiro. In addition, these flights will be operated with the A320neo aircraft, recently acquired by SKY, and with more capacity to seat than the other airlines of the airline.

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