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The four finalists: Julio César Uribe's son competed in the program but did not convince the jury [VIDEO]


November 11, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.

"The 4 finalists" was renewed by including experienced participants this season, and this Saturday was the son of Julio César Uribe, Paulo Uribe, who has a career in the world of singing.

Son of the former player of The Peruvian team he entered his screenplay as a challenger and singing the song lovers (in a dressing version) to get one of the 4 chairs; Although the audience was moved, the jury had another perspective.

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The singer was seen Eva Ayllón, who plays in the jury in the program, put on a face that showed surprise and shook his head, which implied his dissatisfaction with the performance Paulo Uribe.

The format of the program indicates that the opponent (in this case Paulo Uribe) is placed in the center of the dance floor, and the four blue circles are lit; However, only 3 were activated and the last one was red, so Uribe He could not go to the gala.

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Cristian Rivero, true to his style, joking with his elimination Paulo Uribe to waste the bad time and said Marco Zunino It was very hard not to give the singer the confidence to advance in the program "I voted for you (Paulo Uribe), just in case," added Zunino.

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