Saturday , January 16 2021

Yotun started alarms

The fifth day of peruvue training was developed very quietly in Videna. However, it has changed into a matter of seconds.

Technician Ricardo Gareca ordered the ball to be made with the ball as a result of midfielder Yoshimar Yotun had a clash with Aldo Corzo, generating Orlando City footballer on the grass.

The gesture of pain that Yotun showed him alarmed the medical team of "Bicolor", who immediately entered the field to play the midfielder. Also, the technical command expressed concern, given that the national team will play two major friendly matches against Ecuador (Lima) and Costa Rica (Arequipa) respectively on November 15 and 20.

After being checked by doctor Julio Segura, Yotun stopped by his own means and withdrew into the exchange rooms, leaving the impression that the blow was nothing serious, although the doctor of the selection did not have the official version anymore.

He joined the group

The good news was that goalkeeper Pedro Gallese joined the work with players called to play in the local tournament, next to Yotun and Yordy Reyna.

Veracruz goalkeeper in Mexico decided to move forward, despite the fact that his team is missing two games to complete their participation in the MX Open Liga. And, without classifying the group, she gave her the opportunity to integrate the "Bicolor" before she was planned.

"It is good that the" profe "will change the players to continue to grow in the group, from the outside he looks at Peru with different eyes, as a big team, I won these comments," he said after complaining that the goalkeeper Costa Rican does not come to Peru: "I was delighted to see Keylor Navas, it's a shame he does not come."

I knew this …

  • Deportivo Municipal striker Iván Bulos confessed that he met with the national team's technical team: "We talked to them on Monday after the match with San Martín. They are happy because we played again," he said.
  • Today, Flamengo Brazilian player Miguel Trauco will arrive in our country to join the works of Peru.

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