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5 patterns of things before going to the Victoria Secret fashion show


  • It takes a lot of things to become a Victoria Secret or Angel model, and even more to land a role in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show annually.

  • Not only are the models to be considered beautiful and extremely fit by casting executives, but they also have to win them with a strong professional ethics and personality.

  • Models and Angels spend hours in the gym in the weeks preceding the show.

  • On the day of the show, models and angels are subjected to hairstyles and makeup applications.

When you think of Victoria's Secret, you probably imagine supermodels and angels.

They presentVictoria's Secret Lingerie in commercials and rides during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. To do this, each model puts legitimate work, going through weeks of intense training that does not end until the foot on the track.

From a technical point of view, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show models are not required to do anything specific during the preparation for the show, but the models have developed some unofficial rules over the years in which they continue to live.

To be employed, the models must demonstrate that they have both a strong professional ethic and a charming personality

In an interview with Forbes in 2015, Ed Razek, marketing director of Victory's Secret Victoria Brands Victoria, said the most successful models and Angels are "doing work, preparing and not taking it self-understood". Specifically, he said the models should prioritize their careers during the parties and tell the answer or a model that was disappointed when it was not presented in the show.

"Every night I see a picture of you [the unnamed model] on Instagram from a club, night after night and every night [while] you did that, Adriana Lima jumped in 3 hours, "Razek said.

And, although it's a common misconception that Victoria's Secret models are being considered with men, brand executives like Razek are looking for models to resonate with women.

"These are young business people," Razek told Allure in 2017. "It is important for women to look at patterns as people they would like to be friends with, having lunch, staying with them."

After being distributed, the models and angels spend weeks in the gym preparing for the show

Victoria's Secret models do not get their workouts easy. Angels were known to work as much as twice a day in the weeks that led to the show, and usuallyteaches personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals. Some models even opt for ballet classes to tune their figures.

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Intense training does not stop once the show ends.

In an interview with INSIDER Victoria Victoria's secretary Adriana Lima spoke about her training routine. According to the model, she attributes her 20-year success story with the brand to keep up with the fitness regime throughout the year.

"I am always ready," Lima INSIDER said. "That's why I've been in business for over 20 years."

Hours before going on stage, the models have to be prepared with tons of makeup

Last year, Cosmopolitan reported that 32 makeup artists, 27 hairstylists and 11 manicurists were needed to prepare the 55 models that followed Victoria Fashion Secret 2017.

It's not just the glamorous make-up that's applied. Hair extensions are used, tanning appointments are reserved a few days before the show, and body makeup is applied if you expect at least.

"It's about creating the illusion of this amazing body on the track," Selita Ebanks told New York Daily News in 2009. "People do not realize there are only 20 layers of makeup on my ass."

Models and Angels are dressed by a team of people

The models and angels who go to the fashion show Victoria's Secret can not be shy. Not only do they go into a fashion show that is being watched every year by millions, but they also have to get into show lingerie surrounded by a dressing room.

Speaking with Vogue about how the show changed in the #MeToo movement, Razek described the "empty room" where the models and angels are preparing for the track.

"Nobody is allowed in that room, except for their locker rooms," Razek said. "It's a place where, of course, we do not want photographers, and they have two guards outside the tent, and there they put their jewels, their wings and everything else."

To continue collaborating with the brand, the models must show that they are good at selling Victoria's Secret products

Finally, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is intended for the sale of the company's linen. In an interview with Women's Wear Daily, Richard Habberley, DNA manager, who represented several Victory's Secret and Angels models throughout his career, said mark directors could tell which models sell most of the underwear.

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"Traders lead decisions on Angels," Habberley said. "They [Victoria’s Secret] try the girls out, and some girls sell the product. There are women who appeal to other women. "

Currently, Victoria's Secret sells two lingerie collections inspired by Victoria Fashion's Secret Fashion Show. While not enumerating which patterns wear parts, there are photos of the show embedded on the brand's website.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Razek said the retailer does not intend to update the size of the underwear or to diversify the types of bodies displayed in its ads.

"The brand has a specific image, has a point of view, has a history," Razek said. He continued to say that Victoria's Secret Markets "for who we sell and do not sell around the world." After receiving the reaction, the mark apologized for more comments made by Razek during the interview.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will take place on December 2 at 10:00. ET on ABC. Learn more about how to watch the show here.

A representative of Victoria's Secretary did not immediately reply to INSIDER's comment request.


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