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Sandiganbayan is painting Marcos's late P102B civil suit


The same civil case will continue against late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda Marcos

Date Posted 20:14, November 7, 2018

Updated at 20:15, November 7, 2018

MARCOS WEALTH. Sandiganbayan falls from Marcos's 30-year fortune for late businessman Roberto Benedicto. Photo by Darren Langit / Rappler

MARCOS WEALTH. Sandiganbayan falls from Marcos's 30-year fortune for late businessman Roberto Benedicto. Photo by Darren Langit / Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – Eighteen years after his death, the Sandiganbayan anti-graft court quit Marcos, Roberto Benedicto, from a civil lawsuit of 10 million euros.

The second division of Sandiganbayan confirmed the government's request through the Presidential Commission for Good Governance (PCGG) to relieve Benedicto of the case. PCGG and Benedicto reached a compromise agreement in 1990 after the government recovered billions of assets from it.

Benedicto died in May 2000. His heirs asked Sandiganbayan to release him officially from Civil No. 5. 0034, one of the many civil cases pending at the anti-graft court to recover the unsuccessful estate.

However, the same civil case will continue against former dictator former President Ferdinand Marcos and his former ex-lady, now Ilocos Norte representative, Imelda Marcos, and former senior officials of the Philippines Development Bank.

Death does not automatically extinguish liability Section 4, Article 111 of the Court's Rules of Procedure provides that liability can be enforced against the inheritance of death and that "the heirs of the accused can replace the deceased without requiring the appointment of an executor or administrator".

"Therefore, the name of Roberto S. Benedicto is abandoned as a defendant of the party in the above case under the Compromise Agreement approved by the Court of Appeal," Sandiganbayan said in a November 5 resolution written by Associate Justice Lorifel Pahimna with contests of Justice Associates Oscar Herrera Jr and Michael Frederick Musngi.

Benedicto was a classmate at the Marcos Law School of Marcos and brother of brotherhood at the University of the Philippines (UP); has set up his own sugar business and has expanded his empire to mass media, shipping and insurance.

Among the assets recovered from Benedicto were:

  • 3 properties from Piedras Petroleum Corp. (P70.016 million)
  • 6,000 square meters from Banahaw Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) – Iligan City (P 17.83 million)
  • Two plots with a combined surface of 5,161 sqm in BBC-Legazpi (P22.19 million)
  • 5,952 sqm of BBC-Naga City (P 19,046 million)
  • International Broadcasting Corp. (IBC-13) including various active substances (P3.074 billion)
  • BBC-DWAN Radio (P1.362 million)
  • 12,445 shares in Oceanic Wireless Network Inc. (OWNI) (P13.63 million)
  • 4.16 million shares in Radio Philippine Network Inc (RPN-9) (P33.29 million).


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