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Worst WWE wounds in 2018


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November 22, 2018, 13:51 IST

Enter legend

As former champion ECW Tazz has repeatedly told WWE Universe about comments, "this is not ballet."

Indeed, injuries are unfortunately an occupational danger in this industry, and while Superstars always hopes to be as secure as possible with their opponents, the truth is that wounds happen in the worst moments.

Look at Daniel Bryan in 2014. At WrestleMania 30, Bryan's Odyssey to become the WWE's top star was finally attained by defeating Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton the same night to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion .

And just a few months later, his rule came to an abrupt end when he handed over the gold because of the injury.

Here are the four most serious WWE wounds in 2018.

(Note: We will not include the Roman Reigns diagnosis of leukemia on this list, while the disease is terrible news for Roman, his family and his fans, was not caused by the ring.

# 4 Triple H

Enter legend

Triple H is not alien to the injury, not breaking the quads once but twice, the first in 2001 and the second in 2007.

But at Crown Jewel, the game played with Shawn Michaels, who is coming back to face the Brothers of Destruction.

While DX won the battle, it later emerged that the King of the Kings suffered a broken pectoral muscle and H made a very nasty on-line bruise.

This injury threw a lot of WrestleMania plans into the air because it was rumored he'd be confronted with Batista at WrestleMania 35, as suggested on SmackDown 1,000.

Now, with these potentially ruined plans, it remains questioning who Animal will do if he even decides to return to the company first?

We hope the game will come back soon, setting up once more as king of kings.

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