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Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich, results of Bundesliga matches


  • Borussia's confrontation with Bayern has not been such a great emotion for a long time
  • In the first half the Bavarians controlled the events on the field but after the change of sides they had to recognize the superiority of the team Lucien Favre
  • Marvin Hitz was beaten twice by Robert Lewandowski, but Poland's goals were not enough to give Bayern a victory
  • The defeat of the German champions means that after eleven queues they lose seven points to the BSE leader

For a long time, Borussia Dortmund's duel with Bayern München has not raised such emotions. The big start of the season by the BVB (24 points in the first ten games and the leader of the table), combined with the turmoil surrounding the German champion (the recent form crisis, information about James Rodriguez's conflict with Niko Kovac) Bavarians were not the decisive favorite of the duel. Home players also had a revenge for the serious defeat in March at the Allianz Arena (0: 6) and were almost sure to fight for every inch of the lawn.

Bayern, however, in the first few minutes cast all the arguments in the hands of critics. He completely controlled the events on the field and dominated Borussia. Already in the 5th minute, Alaba was ahead of the chance, but his shot was blocked. A moment later, after a good action by Gnabry, he lost the hosts' defensive duel. BVB made a dangerous opportunity in the 10th minute (after being shot by Reus), but before the break Neuer's goal was not threatened.

Kovaca's team has created almost an enormous chance for her. In the 18th minute, Gnabry again appeared in the lead role, but his shot was blocked by Akanji. Eight minutes later it was already 0: 1, and Lewandowski first entered the shooting list. The pole used the cross of Gnabrego and with a strong blow to the head did not give Hitz the chance. Even before the break, Ribery's leadership could be improved (his shot was defended by a goalkeeper), and although this piece failed, it seemed that after the change of sides, the Bavarians would only confirm their advantage.

The second part of the game, however, did not follow this scenario. Already in the 47th minute, Reus was hit in Bayern by Neuer, and the referee showed without hesitate a sample of eleven meters. The wounded person approached the ball and watched the right shot. The joy of the BVB players, however, lasted only less than four minutes. For the second time, "Lewy" came using Kimmich's application and showed his head again.

In the 59th minute, Borussia faced a chance of re-equalizing. He shot Reus, but at the last minute the ball beat Kimmich. As if in response to this action, again Lewandowski was in the spotlight, who put the ball in goal for the third time, but this time was clearly offside and the shot was not recognized.

It happens more and more on the lawn. In the 62nd minute, only Boateng's genius saved the Kovaca team from losing the second goal. Five minutes later, Signal Iduna Park's stands were elated. Reus defeated Neuer for the second time, this time pointing in the air after giving Piszczek. The dashboard resulted in a 2: 2 result, but it was not the end of the emotion.

74 minutes had elapsed when a great chance for Favre to take the lead after a good centering pass from the right. Witsel pushed the pace of the Alcacer defender behind the line, crossed Neuer and fulfilled the formalities. The Bavarians began to hurry, but their actions were unsuccessful. In addition to the time spent in the penalty area of ​​the BSE, even the German champion's dove had already traveled. In the 96th minute, Lewandowski again hit the net, but again he was clearly offside.

Finally, the result has not changed. Bayern, despite the first big losing half in Dortmund, and his loss to Favre's mass leader is seven points. For Kovac, the representative break can therefore be a hard work.

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern München 3: 2 (0: 1)

objectives: Reus (49. criminal, 67.), Alcacer (74.) – Lewandowski (26., 53.)

Yellow cards: Weigl, Akanji – Ribery, Suele

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