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Borys Szyc as Jzef Pisudski – bearded and beardless


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There are new pictures of Borys Szyc on the network, as Marshal Józef Pisudksiego. With the clock you could see Borys Szyc as a fashionable Pisudski with a big beard. Now a photo of a mature marker appears.

Borys Szyc by JarosIn autumn 2019, Micha Rosa's film "Pisudski" will appear in cinemas. This will not be a classic biography of marszaka, but it will tell about a man, complicated, inspired, stubborn. About his life choices, a desperate need for action. The story of full turnovers and turns, with a clear step ahead of all the hero who subordinated his struggle for independence in Poland.

In the lead role we will see Borys Szyc. Pisudski accompanies his comrades in the fight for the unfortunate: Walery Sawek (Jan Marczewski), Witold Jodko-Narkiewicz (Marcin Hycnar), Aleksander Sulkiewicz (Józef Pawowski) and Aleksander Prystor (Tomasz Schuchardt). The most important women in Marszak's life are Magdalena Boczarska as Maria Pisudska and Maria Dbska in the role of Aleksandra Szczerbiska.

The director and screenwriter of the film is Micha Rosa, who emphasizes the role that Marszaek will play in the events of 1918.

We present Pisudski at different moments of his life: when he is at the peak and in dramatic moments: depression and despair. He is a man who understands that the world he's dreaming about is very difficult to accomplish, but he does not stop fighting to change it for the better. Your charisma is the kidnapping of people. The film will include well-known stories from Pisudski's biography: escape from a psychiatric hospital, assault on a train, and PPS attacks. For me, amazing in this form is that it is a step forward. A step forward is enough. I think he only knew how much bluff was, mystification. Without this dose of insanity, there will be no events in 1918.

The aging of Józef Pisudski's role was not easy. Choosing a buffer on.

How does he say about Pisudski? We will ask this question at the beginning of our work. When the director calls me for a role, I'm afraid it will be the worthy, worthy man Marszaek had in the 1930s. Meanwhile, the film begins in 1901. Pisudski is still fashionable at that time, balancing on the edge life and death. He is a witch in a psychiatric hospital in Sankt-Petersburg, helping him get rid of his friends. At this point our story begins – about a vision, a dream, about an independent Poland. Pisudski believes in him and fights despite the opposite of fate, though it seems that there is no chance that Poland will be again on the map of the world. – says Borys Szyc about his role.

Magdalena Boczarska highlights the opportunity of the film.

In "Pisudski" we strive to make the historical context, the dialogues, the circumstances, the world we display on the screen – cars, costumes, makeup. On the other hand, people, as much as when: they loved them, touched, felt the pain, and made their troubles. Therefore, in my work on the role of Maria Pisudska in this historical context, I would like to keep the character's credibility and show how modern women are.

Borys Szyc by Jaros"Pisudski" begins in 1901 in a psychiatric hospital in the Russian Partition. One of the patients is a political vision – (Borys Szyc). The underground of Polish independence organizes its escape. Pisudski returns to him (Magdalena Boczarska). In spite of the danger of danger, unparalleled battles begin in Poland with Walery Sawek (Jan Marczewski), Witold Jodko-Narkiewicz (Marcin Hycnar), Aleksander Sulkiewicz (Józef Pawowski) and Aleksander Prystorem (Tomasz Schuchardt).

"Pisudski" in cinemas in autumn 2019.

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