Friday , September 30 2022

Carrefour will introduce a quiet hour curlpapers


Carrefour will introduce into its so-called stores "Quiet Time". This is a predominant tribute to people who suffer autismbut also all those who do not like the excess of stimuli and suffer from them. Changes will start in Spain and probably will also be in Poland.

The man wanted to call his son Carrefour. He hoped instead to get a garden chair and a black pudding pack in the store …

Raising an autistic child is a huge effort for the parent. Every ordinary activity is extremely difficult. Even going to the store turns out to be a nightmare and not all people want to isolate their children in the world. They prefer to take them with them for shopping. Some, in turn, do not have the opportunity to leave a child under the protection of someone else. For this reason, the Carrefour chain chain has decided to enter a quiet hour.

During her time sensory stimuli will be limited or eliminated completely. These are powerful sounds, intense light, messages and images that change on screens. All these factors distract children with autism. Such changes will be very beneficial to them, and their parents will facilitate shopping.

RANKING OF SHOPS: Where in Poland you will make the cheapest shopping? (Not at Biedronka!)

What do you think about this idea?

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