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Commerce Sunday 2018 November Are the stores open on November 18? LIST OF THE NUCLEAR MARKETS 2018


Commercial Exhibitions in November 2018: Sunday 18 11 2018

Sunday November 18 is a non-commercial Sunday

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The first Sunday in November fell 4. 11. was a shopping Sunday. In November, we'll be shopping on the last Sunday of November 25. The closest Sunday, 18-11, 2018 is a free trade Sunday. It means that stores will be closed on November 18th.

Note that the commercial ban on Sundays valid starting March. The initial concerns of employers have not worked and the situation has stabilized. Most stores expanded their business on Saturdays, as this day is the largest turnover. Many people also do shopping during the week.

How have the shopping centers been adapted to the new situation and what can customers expect in the coming months?

The Polish Center of Trade Centers centralizes the voices of industry representatives on the new law. In the research conducted at PRCH's request, shopping center customers indicated chaos, bottlenecks and queues of saturday sessions, being the main concerns about the ban on trade. After the first months of the law, these fears have not been fully confirmed. Though on Saturdays you can see a bigger move at retail outlets.

Sunday and Sunday free trade in November


For customers from the beginning it was not clear whether the cinemas, restaurants and services in the centers would be available. Research shows that to a similar extent, such as consumer confusion, is problematic to miss the opportunity to choose their leisure time with their family in malls and make it difficult to purchase large families.

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The PRCH actively participated in the talks on the introduction of the law and presented arguments about its unfavorable socio-economic effects for entrepreneurs, employers, employees and consumers. She highlighted the legislative and legislative and legal errors and contradictions, as well as the substance, and finally demanded that Parliament and President reject it. Together with other organizations associated with the trade and services industry, it also proposed an alternative solution that would meet the requirements of the Trade Unions, ie to guarantee obligatory commerce employees two free Sundays per month due to the amendment of the Labor Code. However, the voice of industry representatives was not heard.

The law was signed, and on March 16, the second Sunday of the ban on trade. Radoslaw Knap, PRCH Chief Executive Officer, explains the actions taken by industry representatives – business center managers are preparing for a commercial ban, but their decision depends on the conditions in which they operate a particular object. It depends on the profile of the shopping center, the number and type of shopping and service shops, and local shopping habits. The opening of Sunday without trade was announced by large centers throughout Poland because of the institutions located in them, which, according to the act, can operate, for example, cinemas, restaurants, ice cream parlors, flower shops. Smaller objects with such service spaces excluded from the ban also have plans to do so.


Currently, it is difficult to say how many customers will use open outlets.

The owners of the centers, the final decision to open facilities on Sunday's ban will probably take place after the quarter in which the effects of the ban can be assessed. We know that throughout Poland, managers determine how many branches in a given center can be opened under the new act.

Another solution considered is the extension of the opening hours of the week. The former have already been implemented, for example, by some dispatch centers. This is because they are usually located at the outskirts of cities and many customers plan to visit them in advance.

According to PRCH data, so far half of the clients have visited the dispatch centers on weekends. Closing Sunday will mean major changes for their customers. We know that the administrators of other galleries, mainly in the largest cities, have already decided to extend the hours of the centers on Saturdays and Fridays and many other shopping centers are under consideration as to whether the extension of the work schedule had an effect.

The imprecise provisions of the act and the very short vacatio legis cause difficulties for the owners of shopping centers, employees. Only in March will we see what difficulties customers expect.

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