Thursday , August 11 2022

Hello Games never ceases to surprise. The studio announces another major upgrade to Sky No Man: Visions


Overall, I had a plan to check Sky's No Man after the most recent massive update of The Abyss, focusing on the underwater exploration of the planets … but I think I'll wait a little longer with reinstalling the game on disk. It looks like in the coming months this title will get a lot of new products. For now, let's focus on the latest update of No Man's Sky: Visions, which will make the game world even more diverse.

As part of this great patch, creators will introduce new environments to the planets visited, new plant and animal types, archeology or new events generated by the procedure. So it's not an update as big as the abyss, but it still brings some cool news. I personally find the archeology best suited for this type of game.

Unfortunately, we do not know yet when this patch will land on the servers, but if you want to join the fun with this title today, then look at its PC and console prices:

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