Thursday , March 23 2023

I will not play another game •


Cliff Bleszinski is a famous designer who is responsible for creating Gears of War and has been involved in working with the Unreal series. Responding to one of Twitter's Twitter, he said he would never play another game.

After leaving the Epic Games, the developer founded Boss Key Productions, who prepared the LawBreakers' shooter. The title was a failure, which led to the shutdown of the servers. A man named Joshua Heitz accused the creators that he refused to return customers to the production.

I paid my employees' salaries and paid health insurance even months after graduation. Thanks for taking care of their families. I did not take my salary alone for two years. I understand that you are sad, but these are another reason why I will never make another game – wrote Bleszinski responded.

Of course, it is possible that the statement is a result of frustration and, in fact, the designer will not give up his passion. Earlier, he argued that he was only going to take a break from creating new productions to focus on the family.

Meanwhile, there were suspicions that Joshua Heitz was just an online trolley who wanted to challenge the developer (thanks, PC GamesN). He created a Twitter account this month and only published an entry – directed at Bleszinski.

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