Saturday , June 25 2022

Kim Kardashian will fight for FULL CARE of children! “The battle will be brutal”


For several days, the media has been living in an alleged divorce Kim Kardashian and Kanye Westa. Most of the emotions were, no doubt, aroused by rumors about the rapper’s infidelity, which would significantly contribute to the celebrity’s decision to end the marriage. There is also a lot of talk about Kimberly subtly signaling to fans that she is breaking up with her husband.

It’s no secret that the relationship kim Kardashian I Kanye Westa he had been going through a serious crisis for some time. The celebrity was supposed to hire a famous lawyer and a divorce specialist last summer, Laurę water. As reported US weeklyHowever, the cup of bitterness was spilled by the December quarrel between the spouses, which destroyed their chances of saving the relationship. However, a person close to the couple claims that the separation was their case “Just a matter of time.”


It seems that Kim is ready for a fierce court battle with her husband. According Sun. celebrity intends fight for the full care of their four children – North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

Neither of them wants to be a victim during this divorce and both will fight for their children. Kim has made it clear that she wants full custody, so if Kanye wants to fight for it, the custody fight will be brutal. – says the tabloid informant.


The divorce between Kim and Kanye already promises to be extremely fierce. Kardashian would be willing to get along with & nbspraper before the official start of the court battle.

Kim wants to close a deal before formally submitting the application. Settlement discussions are ongoing. Kim wants to control the PR side of the divorce and was unpleasantly surprised by reports about him – & nbsp says Us Weekly.

It hasn’t been going well between spouses for a while. As the magazine reported, many of Kim’s friends are surprised that she had waited so long to decide to break up. However, the celebrity has seriously considered divorce. According to the informant We weekly, Kardashian does not end her relationship for no reason, and Kanye’s arguments also contributed to her husband’s departure about their eldest daughter’s planned abortion.


However, it seems that the rapper also had his reasons for breaking up with his wife. According to the informant We weekly Kanye would have been jealous about the time Kim spent on her own children and the problems of prison reform. The musician also wanted his family to live permanently on a farm in Wyoming, and the Kardashian did not want to agree with his plans.

Is divorce ready for the year?


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