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Our new home. My mother and daughter were in a desperate situation


In the "Our New House" program, all four live in a house in Kurów, a small village near Sandomierz. Their biggest problem was the lack of water and sewerage. The family lived without a bath, toilet and kitchen from a real event. Drinking, washing, washing and cooking water had to be brought a few miles away.

The roof of the house covered with eternit leaked, a mushroom appeared on the walls. The rooms heated the dangerous stoves. Little Julka dreamed about her room, bed and office. The 6-year-old has told her story. When he was born, his father and partner Sylwia were placed in custody. Earlier, he did not mention his relatives that he was on the brink of the law. – The daughter crashed the whole world. Sylwia experienced it terribly. Fortunately, he had us – says Grandma Julka, Mrs. Alicja.

In our "New House," Sylwia Nowakowska's former partner left prison after three years of imprisonment, found a job abroad, and left, leaving her daughter with her former partner. Now he works in the shop for the lowest national salary.

Finally, in the final of the "New Dwelling" program, it is time to return to the renewed dwellings. How did he change the house? What was the tenants' reaction to these changes?

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